Bombshell Black Canary with Hildaglitz and Anna S

Doing a bombshell shoot has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while and when I noticed Hildaglitz had a Bombshell Black Canary (the best of the bombshells in my opinion) I asked her into the studio to shoot with her.

We both knew we wanted to get some typical bombshell shots but then we both also wanted to try and do some film noir style photos. It’s a style I’d never done before so I spent a lot of time looking at Sin City references, looking at pinterest ad Noir style artwork and trying to figure out how to get shadows. The hardest bit was trying to figure out how to get some blinds

On a whim i decided to check out B&Q where I found that they were selling blinds for £8 so I bought one and took it to the studio. With two large styrofoam panels and some careful placement of stands we came up with this arrangement


With a bit of playing with lights and contrast we eventually were able to get what we wanted, and the careful use of a make up brush we were able to make it look very film noir.

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About Anna

Cosplayer and Photographer multi-classer who has been doing both since 2010. She specialises in constantly trying new things so sometimes things work, sometimes they don't. She's also part of RWBY cosplay and Critical Role Cosplay and hopes to one day take over the world. Follow her photography on Instagram Anna_S_Photography100