Moana by Tennyo Celeste Cosplay and Anna S

When going on holiday as a cosplayer or a cosplay photographer the first thing that goes through your mind is what cosplays you want to take, even though you promise yourself that you wont do it. This is exactly what happened when me and Tennyo Celeste went on vacation to Lombok in Indonesia.

One of the toughest things about working in Indonesia was that neither of us spoke the local language. On a fishing trip we kept an eye out for beaches that we passed and we resorted to using Googlemaps to try and locate the beaches we liked. We found a few locations but then came the next challenge, finding a clean and quiet beach. In Indonesia there is rubbish all over every beach. Plastic, netting and bleached corals everywhere.

We eventually found the perfect beach tucked away down a dirt track with deep rutted mud. It took a few visits to find it but it was totally worth it. On top of that we got lucky with the weather and got the back end of a storm at low tide and we are so happy with the results!

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About Anna

Cosplayer and Photographer multi-classer who has been doing both since 2010. She specialises in constantly trying new things so sometimes things work, sometimes they don't. She's also part of RWBY cosplay and Critical Role Cosplay and hopes to one day take over the world. Follow her photography on Instagram Anna_S_Photography100