Cosplayer of the Week: Manda Cowled Cosplay

Manda Coweled Cosplay is a beautiful cosplayer from Canada who is not only a cosplayer but a gamer and a geekette, although she says she sucks at gaming (which I’m sure is not true). She has a thing for big weapons and Harley Quinn which is how she got the attention of the Food and Cosplay team, and by team I mean boss, so naturally we had to interview this wonderfully talented cosplayer!

Age: 24

Location/Nationality: Toronto, Canada

What is your favourite type of food?

All of it?? I could probably eat Sushi and Kraft Dinner every day, but Hawaiian Pizza and Pogos are pretty awesome as well… oh and smoked salmon on a toasted bagel with cream cheese… mhmmm… now I’m hungry.. interview over!

What inspires you to cosplay?

I have always been a big fan of Halloween, theatre, dressing up, and love to just be able to un-adult for a weekend or a few hours a night. I’m a terrible gamer, and I never got into acting the way I would have liked to, so Cosplay is a hobby that fulfils those holes for me. I love the ability to be someone else while also showing my love for that fandom.

What has been your best experience in cosplay?

Probably my first year at Fan Expo with The Geekettes, being stopped as the Gotham City Sirens and really bringing the characters to life… while also being MLP on that weekend and watching little girls’ eyes light up as they say their favourite pony come to life.

Costume by Ashe Rogue, photo by Angela Lau Photgraphy
Costume by Ashe Rogue, photo by Angela Lau Photography

You have done a few versions of Harley Quinn, which has been your favourite version to wear? Why?

I have done; Animated Series, No Flutter Steampunk, Zombie, Xmas/Holiday, Bombshell, Beach, Construction and a few other small closet cosplays of Harley and am working on more! I think that Construction is my favourite because it was an accident.

I made Bombshell and didn’t feel comfortable wearing just a bra on the subway and it was WAY too hot for the leather jacket so I wore one of my favourite shirts. I was also working on new mallets with my husband and we decided to make a cement one… then seeing them together we decided to paint a hard hard and made my easiest but most fun Harley to date.

One day I hope to do a perfect Animated Series with the cowl though, and then it will be my new favourite.

Your weapon for Riven is huge, can you explain to us how you went about making it?

UM…. this is a long explanation and I really should make a tutorial for it… but the materials are insulation foam, painted in black rust paint, sanded down (on repeat) until it was smooth and hard. Once the shapes were made (lots of math and eye balling), the foam was hard and the poles were in place it took months of painting – mostly because waiting for paint to dry, trying different techniques and doing other projects around it like my Bunny Riven and Popsicle sword.

One day I will write a really good tutorial for it and post it on my website… but for now that is a simplified version!

Photo by Ailes Noires Cosplay Photography
Photo by Ailes Noires Cosplay Photography

You have a lot of big props and weapon pieces, how do you store them?

On the walls and ceiling! Seriously, we hang them like someone would hang wall art or swords on a wall. As long as they are good. Finished props on the wall and around the couch, shitty ones get tossed and in progress sit on or around my dining room tables… which is why we only eat at the couch!

What advice would you give to other cosplayers?

Cosplay characters you love, no matter what. No such think as too popular, not popular enough. Cosplay should be for you so make sure yo are happy in the cosplay you do!

ALSO – I can’t sew! So don’t let I can’t sew and I don’t know how to do that stop you! You can commission or find Youtube tutorials, work with friends or staple everything together! Haha

Photo by Ailes Noires Cosplay Photography
Photo by Ailes Noires Cosplay Photography

If there is one shop you could recommend for cosplay supplies, what would it be?

You local Home Depot/Rona style store for prop accessories.

Value Village and Thrift Shops for closet cosplays and extra pieces – like nerf guns you want to alter or dresses you can alter, etc.

eBAY! EBAY EVERYTHING you can’t find locally.

But if you have any questions – that are NOT sewing related – give me a shout on anything social @MandaCowled or check out my website!

Photo by Angela Lau Photography
Photo by Angela Lau Photography
Photo by Angela Lau Photography
Photo by Angela Lau Photography
Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown
Photo by Sean's Photography
Photo by Sean’s Photography

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Cosplayer and Photographer multi-classer who has been doing both since 2010. She specialises in constantly trying new things so sometimes things work, sometimes they don't. She's also part of RWBY cosplay and Critical Role Cosplay and hopes to one day take over the world. Follow her photography on Instagram Anna_S_Photography100