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Acknowledge of Use of FnC Photos

Statement Last Updated 11 August 2022

You have been sent this link to read and acknowledge the following statements before receiving photos from Eddie or any member of the Food And Cosplay Team.

Before you are sent the High-Resolution copies of the photos, please read carefully the statement below.

  1. When posting my photos, please do your best to credit me to the appropriate social media account (Links can be found below) or link it to our website
  2. Under no circumstances, are you allowed to edit any photos, this includes colour changes, smoothening, composite, addition to the photo, Instagram filters, etc without my written consent. Note: Instagram cropping is fine.
  3. Any sales of photos via prints, Patreon or any other monetary exchange, will need to be discussed and permission gained first before any sale.
  4. All permission needs to be gained in writing by filling out the form below. Any verbal agreement is only in principle and still needs written consent.
  5. Failure on the second and third points will result in FnC asking you either for monetary compensation or removal of photos.
  6. This acknowledgement only applies to the set of photos you are currently requesting. Any photos taken previously or in any future projects will require you to send in a new request, and a new policy.
  7. No addition of logo or watermark to be added to my photos or removal of my logo/watermark.

Instagram Crop

If you are going to crop the photo so that it fits the Instagram ratio of 4:5, you can do that but can you include the original photo as an additional photo, see examples below.

Thank you for reading and acknowledging this statement.

Any queries about what you have read, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form. Otherwise please fill out the form below to complete the acknowledgement.

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