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Starting the Photography Season with PurpleMuffinz

Despite COVID-19 virus still spreading across the world, lockdown is relaxing in the UK andI would like to share my experience shooting photos in 2021.

With the announcements of the UK government revealing their roadmap to the relaxation of lockdown rules, I thought I would start advertising my availability for shoots while still working within the relaxation rules set by the government. I didn’t get many enquiries so I thought I would contact people whom I’ve worked with before and see if they wanted to shoot with me. I successfully organised a shoot day with PurpleMuffinz as my first shoot of 2021, shooting not just for my cosplay blog but also for alternative styles for my other blog. After so long in lockdown, I was very excited with the prospect of shooting photos again with people. 

In the weeks leading up to shooting with PurpleMuffinz, I was surprisingly not nervous about going back out in the real world. One of the main reasons is that since the beginning of 2021 I’ve been travelling to work on public transport and the rules set for commuters are very clear that everyone (unless exempt) must wear a face covering. While travelling on public transport I’ve become very aware of my surroundings of who is near me and if anyone isn’t wearing a mask, flaunting the rules, I simply just move away from them. Also encouraged by work, I’ve been taking a lateral flow test twice a week to make sure I’m not catching the virus and passing it on to others. 

The day before I was due to shoot with PurpleMuffinz, I did indeed take a lateral flow test and my results came back negative which was a good start. With that, I packed my camera kit, made sure I had fresh batteries and that my camera memory cards and accessories were all in my camera bag ready to go. 

I decided that even though there were times I was alone or outside, I would keep my mask on throughout the journey and shoot. I’m doing this to keep myself safe and the person I’m working with as they may not be able to keep a mask on throughout the photoshoot. 

I have to say, when I arrived to meet up with PurpleMuffinz, she was great at keeping safe with wearing a mask where necessary, especially while travelling in my car to our locations. The wearing of masks didn’t hinder communicating ideas for the shoot, catching up with each other’s lives and just sharing funny stories. 

It really felt like such a normal shoot between me and PurpleMuffinz throughout the whole day. There was no aspect during the shoot which felt strange. We were able to communicate even when I had a mask on, we stayed outside throughout the shoot and I tried to socially distance myself from PurpleMuffinz only getting close to show some of the back of camera work. I mostly did these actions before the world was hit with Covid-19, so no need to really change how I worked during a shoot. 

There were outfit changes, me scouting the area looking for good spots to shoot, making sure I got my settings correct, etc. There was nothing from my point of view which felt out of place whilst doing this photoshoot. It has helped that last year I did a handful of shoots, drawing experience from those shoots and incorporating what I have learnt from that and incorporating the current rules set by the government. 

With the roadmap seemingly going forward, things should be easier for more people who are shielding or haven’t had the vaccine to venture outside and start rebuilding life again. Personally, some of the precautions I’ve taken I’m carrying on doing once lockdown relaxation has been completed.  I’m looking forward to getting back out there with my camera and with friends or people who want to shoot with me this year and beyond.

I am looking forward to sharing edited photos from that days shoot on both Food And Cosplay and my other website, AitchKayCee Photography.

For enquires about location shoots with Eddie, please contact him via the Booking Enquiry form

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