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Let’s face it, 2020 hasn’t been the year we expect. So let’s celebrate what would have been cosplay you would have worn this year at comic con.

There are no limits to what you can submit to us, as long it was a cosplay you planned to wear the cosplay in 2020, you have completed making it and have photos of you wearing it (in a bedroom, living room, garden, mirror shots, etc), we want to see them.

Message us your images by 26th October 2020 to be featured, and please remember to include the following

  • Name of the character and Franchise
  • Credits of the cosplayers
  • Credit of the photographer
  • Which event it was meant for

Please do not send more than two different sets of photos, if you do the admin will choose their favourites to be shared.

Send in your photos to our Facebook page via this link

All photos sent in will be shared on our Facebook page for everyone to see from the weekend of 31st October.

T&C: We will not accept images that are phone selfiesscreenshots or have been modified using an art or beautification app. If you send in more then two different sets of photos, we will make a decision which we use. 


FNC uses their own discretion as to whether an image is suitable to be featured on this page.

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