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Don’t Blame The Algorithm

We have all sat in front of the computer or mobile phone and wondered why something isn’t getting as much “reach” as either posts you’ve posted before, compared to other accounts or even with the number of followers you have don’t relate to the number of likes per post. We’ve all quick to blame social media outlet, restricting reaching, updating/changing their algorithm or even social media page make suggestions you pay for that reach. But possibly you might want to look at your own account and the content you have.

When I first started my Instagram, I really didn’t have much focus on what content I was uploading to my account. For months and years, I just uploaded any photo which took my fancy and hoped for the best. But now I know what I want to be seen on my Instagram account. I’m not saying I have a 100% guaranteed way of getting likes on a post, but I’ve viewed a few accounts and taken tips off other people and here is what I got from my findings.

Clear content

Make sure you know what vision you want for your account. Such as if you want your account to be a certain shade of colour, photos of selfies, food you have eaten with a certain filter added over it or even have it cosplay centric, then make sure you stick to it.

I started off with having a mixture of cosplay, food, selfie posts on my Instagram, but then moved my selfies to Instagram stories and twitter, leaving Instagram just cosplay and food photos, fitting the brief of my account. 

Engaging your fans

I’ve seen accounts where they ask questions of their fans to engage with their fans, increase reach. With the increase in interaction on the post, will help drive more reach for people to see on their feed.

It’s something we do on our Facebook page with our Monday Discussion but I’ve seen it done on Instagram and Twitter with 86th Floor with Emoji Cosplay game as a great example.

Good Content is better than any content

Make sure what you want to upload to your social media is what you want to show the world. Posting content for the sake of content isn’t always a good thing. Remember, what you show is what people think is the best of you. 

When we decide to post my cosplay photos from my daily feed, I always want to post the best photo of each set as it’s a social media page I want people to scroll through and be proud of what they see.

Post regularly

Set a time to post onto social media. No matter if you are sharing one post a day, 3 posts a day or 20 posts a day, then make sure it’s done at the same times each day. It helps with people knowing when to visit your social media page to see your content.

We regularly share content on all our social media pages and website at a specific time so don’t have clashes between our own social media pages. One way we make sure content is shared is using services such as Buffer or Later to automatically post content to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Cross share your content

Make sure you maximise sharing content to all platforms, not just one platform. With Facebook owning Instagram, you can easily share the same Instagram Story to Facebook at the same time. Again, you can use Buffer to share the same content to all platforms, as well as using IFTTT, creating rules to cross create posts between platforms.

Tagging sharing

Where possible, tag as many accounts which as cosplay sharing accounts such as Titans of Cosplay, share my cosplay or tagging people involved like celebrities, artists, creators in the post. You might get a reshare from them. 

Don’t forget to include people who actual help make the photo, the photographer, makeup artist, costume maker, wigs, etc. Also good practice to tag those who were involved. 

Lastly… It’s all luck

You can follow all these suggestions but at the end of the day, none of it is guaranteed that you’ll get the likes you think it deserves or want it seen by people. You have to work hard at promoting your work, keep thinking up new ways of creating content or drive reach up but all of this is trial and error. 

But let’s do this together and help each other share, promote work and help see others people’s work and you might make a new friend or new fans to your page. 

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