“All you do is point and click and add a filter”

I came across this tweet from S.Photography and it got me thinking, do some people think photography is that easy?

I know this tweet isn’t exactly saying the same thing that I have said but it got me thinking.

I keep saying, my journey with my camera is always evolving. I’ve been taking photos for about 6-7 years now and where I just started with just a camera and upload dump all my photos, I have now moved on onto….

  • Upgrading my camera
  • Buying different lenses
  • Buying portable lights
  • Light reflector
  • Better paid software to edit photos
  • Online storage to upload photos to for sending out
  • Running a website for better identity
  • Asking people for advise on editing or watching countless tutorials

I think that last point is important. I find it hard to see the improvements I am making with my photography, but I do know watching how others do something and taking aspect of their work into my own work does pay off. I’ve said in a previous article, for every new skill I am learning it takes a little bit longer to process each photo. There was one shoot where I took over 900 photos, which is taking me a long time to filter down the photos to the ones I like to edit.

I’ve lost track at how many photos I look at, look at how they do it and try and mimic aspects of the photos. I do a lot of research when it comes to posing, especially if it’s a character I’m not familiar with.

Not too sure if I am going off subject here, but when I hear, “all you do is point and click” or “you just add a filter” or even “where are my photos?”, I think some people forget that some photography do need time to get an image right. It may not look great on the back of the camera but there is a lot that can be done in post edit.

Every photographer has their own workflow and timeline how they get their photos to the model or online. But it’s not that easy to compare one photographer to another. Each to their own on how they want to edit photos.

Skills gained takes time to understand and implement into a photographers workflow. Not all skills are on a preset, a click of a button.

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