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Cosplays We Like: Mollymauk Tealeaf

Sup everyone! Critical Role is all the rage right now and there have been some incredible costumes created for a number of the characters, some with incredible face paint work and intricate costumes so we wanted to feature some of the craziest cosplayers in Critical Role, the Mollymauk cosplayers! We include them because either we love what the cosplayer has done with the character or costume, or maybe it’s just a fantastic photo? There’s no real reason why we feature them except that we like them.

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🌙 And only the moon calms his soul🌙 __ I’m seriously in love with these Molly shots I got back from @vsterlingdesigns / @cleric_ish ! Also, side note, I recommend listening to The Wild One by Shawn James. I get serious Lucien/Mollymauk vibes from that song. The same goes for The Thief and the Moon by Shawn James. __ Photo cred📸: @vsterlingdesigns / @cleric_ish / @sabertwix __ [ #mollymaukcosplay #mollymauk #mollymauktealeaf #mollymauktealeafcosplay #criticalrole #criticalrolecosplay #criticalrolemollymauk #cosplay #nyrenfaire #nyrenfaire2018 #newyorkrenaissancefaire #newyorkrenaissancefaire2018 #nyrenaissancefaire #nyrenaissancefaire2018 #toxiekatt #mehron #makeup #dungeonsanddragons #tiefling #taliesinjaffe ]

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So those are five cosplayers we like this week. If we haven’t featured you then don’t worry, maybe we just haven’t see it yet! If you’d like us to feature your cosplay just send us a message!

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