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Event Review: Gamescom 2018

Gamescom is a yearly event held in Cologne, Germany where all sorts of games, manufacturer and streaming services gather under one roof.  It’s the E3/SDCC of gamers event in Europe and a whole host of new upcoming games and retro games from all publishers were here.  Companies like XBox, Playstation, Nintendo, Blizzard, Ubisoft and EA were some of the few who were there as well as Twitch, Discord, Razor, Logitech.

The event is held from Tuesday to Saturday, starting at 9/10am to 8pm.  If you are a gamer wanting to play the latest games, you’ll need to get there early cause the queues are long.  So bring plenty of food, drink and a chair.

Location and Floor Plan

The event is held at Koelnmesse which is on the train line so very easy accessible to get there.  The setup from leaving the train station to the front door was very efficient with a fixed path route, meandering through to cope with the huge queues of 370,000 visitors visiting the event.

The layout is vast, with eight halls available to the public and another 4 for business visitors.  When I say eight halls, there are massive each hall.  Two of the halls had two floors to navigate through.  There was an entire floor dedicated to merchandise, a huge area for retro games and a large area for cosplay village.  Gamescom also had activities such as indoor skate park and headers ping pong.  The area is so big, I got lost a few times wandering around trying to get my bearings.  There was some areas I some how missed when I did my first lap of the complex.

Cosplay and the Village

As mentioned before, they had a village and I mean a village.  I’ve never seen an area dedicated to cosplay on such a large scale.  As I kept getting lost and wanting to see the whole event, I didn’t spend too much at the village but this was where some of the cosplayers hung out.  There was a resting area for cosplayers, a huge main stage for cosplays.  I think the biggest name to attend Gamescom was Maul Cosplay who was great, spent a lot of time with people and take selfies with them.


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Finally got to meet @maul_cosplay … The hunt is over at @gamescom

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Cosplay is so integral to the event.  In fact, I heard there was at least three cosplay competitions held on the last day, one held by the Cosplay Village and one by Blizzard on their stage.  Most of the cosplays were game related for obvious reasons and there was some inventive creations.

Photos and Vlog

Here are the photos I took at the event on Friday and Saturday.

Friday Photos

Saturday Photos


No matter if you are a gamer or not, I would strongly advise to experience this event.  I plan on going next year for the full four/five days.  I don’t think I’ve ever experience an event like this.  My feet were aching after only one day of walking around the complex.  The cosplays there were just great to see from various game franchise especially seeing all the Blizzard characters.

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