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Why “Cosplay Is Not Consent” is important

Let’s face it, it’s 2018 and we should be be wise about why “Cosplay is Not Consent” is all about. But there will be some who don’t think it is or people coming into our community who are unaware.
I put a message out to my cosplay and photography friends for their views on it, and here is a summary of their and my views.

Just want to thanks to the people who contributed this article, couldn’t have complied this article without your help.

Feeling safe

Everyone who goes to comic con, expos, events, etc expect to be in a safe environment. We are all there to have fun, not worry about where the next annoying thing will come from.

Being treated like a person and with respect

Just because they are wearing a costume, no matter how revealing, highly detailed or fan favourite costume, DOES NOT GIVE YOU AN OPEN INVITATION TO TOUCH THEM. Cosplayers are people, not toys to be played/handle with. Any physical contact will need to be permission first and that includes, hugs, touching/groping. kissing, grabbing of props, etc.

They are not actually that character

Just because they’re are dressed as your favourite character, they are still normal people. They might not necessarily want to repeat the action as they character does.

Also, if you are cosplaying a character, you don’t need to be that character from the moment you wear it till you take it off. Please also know your boundaries, don’t be for example kissing people, be annoying, running into people’s scene, etc.

No means no

When asking for permission to the above and also asking for photos, if they say no, do not take it personally. The reason could be relating to their costume not being ready, they are eating and not in the best of position.

“Cosplay is not Consent” doesn’t stop at Comic Con

Please when messaging/commenting on cosplayers or photographers page or photos, if you believe it’s a comment your family would want to read or be proud of, otherwise don’t. No one wants an unsolicited comments to read about a cosplay they are proud of.

“I’m eating”

When cosplayers are eating, that is not the best time to interrupt them if you want to take a photo, nor do they want photos of themselves eating whilst in cosplay. Let’s face it, no one looks good whilst eating.

Sniping with your camera

PLEASE…ask permission before taking someone photo. If someone is taking a photo already, just wait for your turn or even ask if you can just quickly jump in if you just want to take a photo or two. You’ll have a much better photo if you get the attention of the cosplayer for your camera, rather than ‘distant’ looking photo.

But what can I do

It’s great to see Reedpop applying their care cosplayer and visitors by putting up these banner as seen above which I’ve seen done at NYCC, London Super Comic Con, Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. But you see someone in distress, first offer a hand or invite stewards to intervene. If you are assisting please make sure the cosplayer is with someone such as a friend, steward or yourself such they need it. Never raise you hands or voice in any confrontation.

There are the main points, but if you think there are more I should include in this post (I’m willing to update this post), please let me know, but more importantly, share this on your page, friends, people who are unaware so they are more aware.

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