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Cosplayer of the Week: Catlin Cosplay

Catlin Cosplay is an absolutely beautiful cosplayer whose costumes are so spot on that she often looks like she’s stepped right out of the comic book page or the big screen. She is the perfect cosplayer of the week with awesome costumes, beautiful photos and awesome talent!

Location: Hertfordshire, UK

What is your favourite food? 

It changes a lot but I’m currently a big fan of the burrito.

You have a lot of beautiful pictures, what has been your the funniest story for capturing the perfect shot?

There was a time that I decided to climb onto a high thin ledge in a car park that was around 8/9 feet up, in 6 inch stilettos as catwoman, and then had to work out how to get down. I ended up launching myself of the ledge and hoping that Carlos Adama (the photographer and good friend of mine) would catch me. He did.

Catlin and her horse. Photographer unknown

Catlin and her horse. Photographer unknown

You have been lucky enough to get some Merida pictures with your horse, how was it having to do a photoshoot with your horse? Any other plans to use your horse in any more shots?

The photoshoot I did with my horse was one of my favourites and forever will be. I had my horse, Levi, from a very young age and we grew up together, I trained him to accept all my crazy ideas and he loved to learn. Galloping across a field bareback towards a camera in a dress was one of the best things I’ve ever done and I really enjoyed bringing Merida and Angus to life. Sadly I lost Levi a few months ago very suddenly when an an aggressive Illness took him one night. I do have plans to shoot with more of my lovely equine friends, hopefully I will be taking the lovely Ash (who I recently did an elven horse shoot with) out and shooting again soon. Though no shoot will ever be like the one with my main man who put up with my crazy ginger wig!

When you did Ariel from Wolf Among Us, how did you go about learning how to cell shade? Would you have any advice for anyone else planning to do a character from the series?

Cosplaying Nerissa/The little mermaid from The Wolf Among Us was really good fun, but yeah, the cell shading was killer. Thankfully her cell shading was simple, so I practised and did it myself on the day. However, I suck at eyebrows so Lisa Marie Cosplay did my eyebrows for me! We helped each other paint the lines we couldn’t reach ourselves and it was really all down to a bit of practise! I’d like to see where the series goes, and would love to Cosplay from that series again.

You were part of the huge bombshell group at the last London Super Comic Con, what was it like being part of such a huge, good looking group? It must have taken a lot of coordination.

The bombshells group was a really amazing group to be a part of. It took lots of coordinating, we had a group dedicated to organising and sharing progress and ideas! It was lots of fun to have the male counter parts too and it was so great to be in a group with so many talented cosplayers. Ivy was a labour of love with hours of hand sewing and detailing and then hours of body paint and make up, but it was so worth it. And London Super Comic Con was definitely the best convention for us to do the group at, such a great atmosphere at that con! By far my favourite convention!

What’s the hardest technique you have had to master so far for cosplay?

The hardest technique I have had to master would probably be patterning, I make 90% of my patterns myself, and I rarely ever know what I’m really doing! I learnt a lot about patterning your own bodice when I did rapunzel. But also working with stretch fabric, I find that very daunting every time!

Flynn is Baca Cosplay and Photo by MattEleven Photography

Flynn is Baca Cosplay and Photo by MattEleven Photography

If you could give advice to a newbie cosplayer, what would it be?

My advice to a newbie cosplayer would be to have as much fun as possible. Enjoy bringing your favourite character to life and don’t be afraid to try new things! There will always be ups and downs with costume making but it is honestly worth it every time! Do what makes YOU happy.

Photographer unknown

Photographer unknown


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