How to be featured as CotW / Article Submission

We, here at FNC Towers, like to give everyone a chance. The noob cosplayers, the pro Photographers, wannabe writers. EVERYONE. So if you want us to feature you or someone you know for the following just send us a message through the contact form:

  • as Cosplayer of the Week (please see below)
  • for a featured gallery
  • submit a tutorial
  • write an article/feature/opinion (please see below)

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Cosplayer of the Week conditions

Food and Cosplay have very specific rules about Cosplayer of the Week features. In order for a cosplayer to be featured in COTW they must fulfill the following criteria:

  • you CANNOT nominate yourself as Cosplayer of the Week
  • have 5+ costumes
  • have fewer likes than our Facebook page (currently 7,500 likes)
  • links to a Facebook page, Deviantart or Tumblr account MUST be provided with the submission
  • must NOT be a Share for Share page.
  • cannot be an R-rated page (not too much nudity)

Contact us via our Contact Page if you want to be featured as our Cosplayer of the Week

Article submissions

If you wish to submit an article please send a short description of the article in the comment box above and we will consider if it is suitable for the website. Even if we accept an article we cannot guarantee that it will be featured on the site if we feel it is unsuitable for Food and Cosplay and/or does not follow our code of conduct. The following points will be taken into consideration when we look at articles:

  • is it family friendly?
  • does it encourage cosplay positivity?
  • does it shame other cosplayers?
  • is it an opinion on a social matter?
  • is language PG-13?
  • length of article

Contact us via our Contact Page if you want to submit an article idea into us.

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