Feature : Four Kinds of Cosplay Photography by AngelicDaze

AngelicDaze uploaded this post about cosplay photography, regarding style different photographers have.

There are four styles which AngelicDaze identifies, which are Portrait/Glamour, Atmospheric, Narrative and High Concept. Which she goes in-depth into each style.

I think these are great and really help people to know what sort of photos you are getting from photographers and then what photos you want to upload to social media.

I shared this on my personal social media what my friends thought what my style was and most said I was a Portrait with some adding “Narrative” was also part of my style. I agree with my friends that my style is mainly Portrait and always said I wanted to work towards being a Narrative style photographer.

If you are a photographer, why not send this article or one directly from AngelicDaze Instagram or Twitter page, and see what people say about your style.

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