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We spend much of day, looking for articles to share with you on our network. But this one article and website we found, was appealing to discover.

Not only was the article by the lowest form of clickbait article, but the words/language used was also disrespectful, degrading their cosplays and as a person. They didn’t even bother trying to identify who the cosplayer was, only referencing the site where they got the photo from.

We are not going to link to their article as we don’t want to give that site any more clicks or notoriety. We will do our best to credit cosplayer we possible and the photographer who took it. Also, we’ll comment on each photo with positive words, which should have done in the first place.

We encourage everyone, not to seek out the articles written by them or any of their articles.

Zero Suit Samus / Metroid

Cosplay by momokun

Having shot this in an arcade is such a great idea. Real work well of how the character Samus Aran blends in with all the colours.

Ezreal / League of Legends

Cosplay by Lindsay Elyse

We love how the cosplay looks and the details that have gone into the cosplay. This cosplay suits her very well.

Psylocke / X-Men

Cosplay by Juby Headshot

A classic look to Psylocke who has become most known for her appearances in the world of X-Men. Again, suits this Judy well as a cosplay, colours pop and the pose is on point.


We couldn’t find the identity of this person but we love Steampunk. Just love how the mechanical components also, take a focus of how the costume is built.


Cosplay by Mediocre Wall of China

Part of the Spider-Man world, Cindy Moon, aka Silk has worn a few costumes before settling with this suit. We admire the suit and how accurate the design is to the comic book version.

Zero Suit Samus / Metroid

Cosplay by Amy Thunderbolt

What a great power pose which suits the character so well.

Wonder Woman

Cosplay by Jaylen Byrne

Though this is a test shot, she is looking great. We have all done test shots which you are just seeing how everything fits together.

Princess Peach / Mario Bros.

Cosplay by Kristen Lanae

We love the accuracy of the costume to be Princess Peach from the Mario Bros. series. The added umbrella is a nice touch.

Princess Daisy / Mario Bros.

Cosplay by pokimanelol

Similar to the Princess Peach cosplay above, we love the accuracy of the cosplay. The colours just like how the Nintendo have intended it. Design just look great.

Captain Marvel

Cosplay by Jokerlolibel

Who doesn’t want to be the most powerful character in the Marvel universe? It’s great to see more and more people cosplaying this wonderful character. This cosplayer encompassing the look, costume and pose just like how the comics have made her.

Zelda / Breath of the Wild

Cosplay by Lyz Brickley

Let’s actually take what they said about this cosplayer, but we just took out a line which made the cosplayer less then it should have been.

We love Zelda (the titular character in Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda, of course), and this cosplayer has done a pretty darn good job at replicating her. While the long, blonde hair is clearly the main selling point for this cosplayer, the darting, pointed elf-like ears detract from the overall aesthetic.


Cosplay by Ally H / Photo by Umbrella Studios

Great Hellgirl cosplay, with the glove or known as “Right Hand of Doom” and the grind down horns of the forehead. Great shade of red and the costume itself is brilliant.

Mera / Justice League

Cosplay by lynnie_travelling_artist

Mera, Queen of the seas. Great to see the whole costume is made and worn including the headpiece which completes the costume. Very on point from the Amber Heard costume worn in Justice League.

Pikachu / Pokemon

Who doesn’t like Picachu? Who doesn’t love a costume either made for comfort, last minute, closet costume, etc. Cosplay doesn’t need to be a complicated array of costume. As long the person is wearing is happy and smiling then everyone else should be happy.

Spiderman / Miles Morales

Cosplay by dramatikosplay / Photo by themeowingnerd

What a success the “Into the SpiderVerse” animated film as been for the character Miles Morales and seeing this cosplayer take on the character. Fantastic pose, great suit, great choice.

Gamora / Guardians of the Galaxy

Cosplay by Margaret Cosplay Art

Can’t be confused with any other green-skinned character. This Gamora cosplay is just on point. Great shade of green, great prop sword and just a great cosplay.

Katniss Everdeen / The Hunger Games

Cosplay by Lynette Tee Makeup

Great “Tribute” to this character, wearing the outfit worn in “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay”. The photo, set in a similar environment just goes so well with the costume.

Rescue / Iron Man

Cosplay by Ladyskywalke

What a great made suit of the Pepper Potts, R.E.S.C.U.E. The detail in the design is fantastic. from the Arc reactor, panels, colours used and even the helmet. The cosplayer looks amazing in this.

Harley Quinn

The classic Harley Quinn is such an iconic design. A jester outfit with such distinct colours and style to it, many have cosplayed this amazing character. With so many Harley Quinn design out there for people to create in cosplay, each one will be great when made into real-life via cosplay.

Roadhog / Overwatch

Overwatch series has become huge and this character from the series is great. We hope this cosplayer got a few heads to turn by fans of the Overwatch game or even people who appreciate this great cosplay.

Disclaimer: all images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners.

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