What I want in 2019

Last year I set myself things I wanted to improve myself as a photographer and though I didn’t completely master every aspect of it, it’s something I know is embedded in myself to keep looking for in my work. So this year want to set myself more skills/tasks for myself to concentrate on, so let cracking.

Looking up other Photographer

I spend a lot of time looking up photographers in the cosplay community but I want to expand.  The only way I am going to do that is looking at photographers outside the cosplay community and bring some of their style/technique into my own.

Capturing Facial Expression

I don’t know if i really focus enough of facial expression in photos but feel like it’s an area I should improve on.

Shooting in Manual

From day one of the FnC journey, I’ve had one setting used on my camera which is “Aperture Priority” and have always said was a setting which is fine to use for anyone picking up a camera for the first time. I think I need to make the next step and learn to use Manual settings. I’ll probably use this during location photoshoots mostly but be interesting to use it at Comic Con Events.

I think that I what I want to concentrate on this coming year. So if you want to help me in my quest, please do let me know, suggest things I should follow or have a photo project you like me to be involved in, drop me a message on any of my social media portals. I’ll try and give progress updates on my tasks.


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