Don’t like sexy, lewd cosplays….Just ignore it

Social media is a great platform to get your work seen, voice an opinion, spread news, find others with shared interests and more. I want to talk about social media used in a way which I think can be ignored about.

Calling someone out

We have all seen when the internet “calls out” people for appalling acts. But when it comes to “attacking” someone for acts they’ve not done or just harmless acts which is affecting no one, I do just think, why can’t we just ignore them. If they are happy with the corner of the internet they are in, and they’ve got followers who wants to enjoy their work, just leave them to it. People question how people get famous and I think partly, the more people spread their name, the more people start noticing them regardless if it’s good or bad light. If you just ignore them and don’t mention them, no one else will see it.


I see from time to time, comments which go to say “oh you shouldn’t cosplay this character cause I Cosplay it” or “great cosplay but you’re missing this details”. I do think to myself, does it really matter who gets to cosplay which character? Cosplay is a fun hobby at the end of the day. I think even professional cosplayers don’t mind if someone copied exactly their Cosplay or cosplan (especially if you credit the inspiration). No one has the authority in the cosplay community to say who can or can’t cosplay any character, regardless if they don’t have the extensive knowledge about the character, they only like the design or jumping on a bandwagon. If they have forgotten a detail or prop, no need to point it out to them, they most likely know about it and don’t need reminding of it.

Lewds, Sexy and Marge

I also see people questioning the validity of lewd cosplay or the use of cosplayers using patreon. Again, just ignore them. Regardless how you think about lewd cosplay, there will always be people who will enjoy things like this. I know it’s a thin line between tasteful art nudes and suggestible sexuality but throughout human history, different forms of art have gone through this and we are more educated about it.  Remember that Simpson Episode “Itchy & Scratchy & Marge” where the town was censoring everything, but when the statue of David arrived, Marge stood up against the town as the statue was an art form nudity not an abomination (*see any similarity there.)

If you go out of your way to seek things that annoy you and then promote this hatred, then in my opinion you are wrong. I’m not saying you can’t have an opinion if you come across it, but seeking it out is another level which I don’t think is deserved.

Just leave them alone

I have seen people rally against someone who in the past have been outed as doing something appalling but keep on dragging this person through the mud on everything this person does regardless of their action. To me, this is getting to a point of bullying, not allowing for this person to do anything without being scrutinize of their actions. Yes place people to the sword if they’ve done something wrong, but leave them alone if they are not doing anything which is harmful to you or your fellow humans.

Let me know what you think about what I just wrote. Be very interesting what you guys think.

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