Event Review: MCM London 2018 (October)

MCM London’s second event of the year, hosted by Reedpop, took place recently and again they really went all out on this.

As well as the usual vendors, both small and large, who were there over the three days (including favourites such as Genki Gear, Tokyo Toys and Tee Turtle) MCM announced some mainstream companies who were attending such as BBC who were there for the first time, an Aquaman photo experience, and Nintendo with their array of games and a tournament for people to compete in.

Exclusive Products

With MCM taking up 12 halls of space for guest signing, game stands, interactive stalls and shopping, there were more and more exclusive products available.  The Funko stand again has long lines to get into their stall and the DC stand had comics which had limit runs of silver and gold foil covers which can only be found at Comic Con events.

Build a bear and Koin Club, as well as others, also got on the exclusive bandwagon as well.  I feel like attendees are getting more out of these events.

Guests at MCM

I think one of the biggest guests to have appeared at MCM London were the Critical Role Crew. I was in line with a friend who was meeting one of the CR members but the queues to meet them were long. In fact, there was one line just to pick up a time slot to when to queue up and when your time were due, you can then start queuing at their table.  This seemed to help streamline the process of queues and waiting time.

Other guests were at the event, such as Paul Bettany (Marvel’s Vision), Katherine McNamara (Shadowhunters), Tony Todd and many more. But MCM/Reedpop seemed to have really pushed out the number of comic book artists and authors with big name like Chris Claremont, Frank Miller, Frank Cho and more attending MCM.


One thing I noticed this time around was an addition to their app.  There was an “Anti-Harassment” button, where you can report such incidents to MCM.  Though I never tested it nor heard of anyone else using it, it’s nice to see such a feature be part of the event as well as banners around the event.

Cosplay at MCM

For their cosplay competition, they welcomed esteemed cosplayers Enayla, Sarcasm-hime Cosplay, and Jechts as judges. The competition was won by Don Esteban from Austria as Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher 3.

As usual Eddie was out and about with his camera taking photographs of cosplayers who were luckily enough to grab a slot from him or were able to find Eddie standing long enough to take their photos.  Here are a small selection of photos from the event.

To see the full gallery of photos taken at MCM London, click on the links below.

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