What not to say to a cosplayer

With comic con season in full swing, the Food and Cosplay team have got together to discuss topics about how we wish to strive and better the cosplay community. One thing that we can all agree needs to be addressed is the level of respect shown to cosplayers. In today’s post, we are talking about what you shouldn’t say to a cosplayer.

  1. Where is your prop?

    Not everyone has the time, money or need to have all or any of the props for a costume! Only you can decide how much you want to put into your cosplay and how you want to wear it.

  2. That’s the wrong colour

    Whether you put your own spin on it or can’t quite get it exact, you’ve still done it to the best of your ability.

  3. Did you buy that?

    It doesn’t matter if you bought it or made it, you’re still showing your love for the character and that’s what really matters.

  4. I don’t know this version?

    Doesn’t make it any less valid if people don’t instantly recognise it, you know it!

  5. That’s the wrong hairstyle for that character

    Regardless if it a wig or natural hair, styling a hair to the exact style is hard, just like cosplay. It’s not a failing if they can’t get the exact same look.

Here is a video by AnyaPanda titled “5 Things Cosplayers Don’t Want to Hear” which covers some of the things we spoke and more.

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Rachel is 24, has been cosplaying for 5 years and is one half of That Cosplay Couple in which she is accompanied by her boyfriend, Dan and is the seamstress for the two of them. Rachel also has her own seamstress business called Seamingly Normal where she makes cosplay, clothing and underwear via commissions.

One thought on “What not to say to a cosplayer

  1. “I think you should have won” when taking or asking for a photo regarding a masquerade result, especially when the winner/people who placed higher are in earshot.
    First off, if you absolutely must say this, don’t do it where the winner can hear! Imagine how they feel hearing that!
    Secondly, even if I did agree – which 99% of the time I don’t because I’ve seen those cosplays up close (I’m usually amazed I’ve been placed at all frankly) – admitting that, especially in front of those people, makes me an asshole. It also belittles those cosplays and the work done on them just for the sake of artificially “elevating” mine. It’s happened a few times to me now, and it’s become a real bug bear of mine, please stop!
    Just say “I really like your cosplay” and move on, you don’t need to comment on the placings to pander to me or something so you can get a photo.