So is Eddie going to MCM London October 2018 and will he do a schedule shoot

Got the news just now that I have my pass for MCM London event in October so I can now confirm I will be there all three days and as usually I will be doing a schedule of shoots for any cosplayer attending the event.

As before I will be setting a side a date on 23rd September for people to submit their cosplay to me, I’ll confirm the date on my social media pages of TwitterPatreon and Facebook.

When the schedule is released, I’ll detail what time slots I’ll have available for each day. Each day will have a different number of slots and time frames. When the schedule goes out, I’ll need the following information sent to me in a DM message.

  • The cosplay you are wearing
  • Which day you like my services
  • What time slot


  • All requests, is first come first serve basis, so it vitally important to be ready and prepared with all the information above.
  • If any of the information is missing, I’ll be requesting to resubmit to me and you’ll go back of the queue.
  • If you send me more then one option of cosplay to shoot, I’ll make the final decision which I’ll shoot. (Want to allow both first time and regulars who shoot with me a chance to have time with me)
  • I might ask further question about your cosplay such as reference photos and progress.

I’m aware in the past when I have done a schedule request through facebook, not everyone is using facebook. So if you have a better way for everyone to communicate to me their request, I am open to suggestion. Would you want a two separate times for users of instagram to grab a slot, and one for Facebook or leave everything on facebook.
Any questions, please leave a comment or drop a DM to me and I’ll happily answer them.

Also as a bonus, if you are a Critical Role cosplayer, I’ll be dedicating some of my time to photoshoot at the Critical Role Cosplay meetup on Saturday, full details of this meet via this link.

*if you have read this far, I’ll have an early access to my schedule but these notification when early access will occur, I’ll only post via Patreon, so its critical you follow all the posts from FnC patreon.

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