Cosplayer of the Week: Lunarstar Cosplay

I initially discovered Lunarstar Cosplay through some mutual friends of ours and very quickly realised how talented she was! After a few photoshoots with her, Lunarstar is now one of my definite favourites in the cosplay world.

Jack Skellington Moxxi
Photo by Twisted Reality Arts

Age: 28

Location: Kent

Favourite food: veggie spaghetti bolognaise

You’ve created a wide variety of costumes in the past, what would you say is your most ambitious build to date?

Probably my Skyrim steel armour. Also, my Late But Lucky Alice as with that I had to do a lot of new things, like line my jacket and waistcoat, and make big fluffy rabbit feet from scratch!

Late But Lucky Alice
Photo by Matthew Milton

Your costumes frequently feature armour as well as fabric. Can you give us some advice on armour making?

When I first started making armour, I had heard that worbla was the best thing to use. I started using that first, but I soon realised that even though it was great to use, it worked out extremely costly so I decided to look for alternatives. I then found foam which I really liked using, and it was super cheap! It also comes in different thicknesses which is great for different armour types and details. I use contact adhesive to stick it all together. I’ve just started using flexi paint too, which is a miracle worker! It’s build for foam and doesn’t crack, so it’s super effective.

Skyrim Armour
Photo by Sandy Smith Photography

Do you have a dream cosplay you’d like to work towards?

I’m actually making some of my dream cosplays this year! Lulu from FFX and Na’ane from the Dreamfall series. FFX is really important to me as me and my sister have fond memories of playing it when we were teenagers, I just got a tattoo of all of the weapons on my calf actually. Dreamfall was another game I also played when I was young. The story is amazing, the game is beautiful, and the characters are so unique.

Photo by Matthew Milton

Have you learned any useful techniques through your past cosplays that you’re looking to apply to either Lulu or Na’ane?

I normally tend to make my own patterns because sometimes it’s hard to find specific ones for a character. I usually make them out of cling film and masking tape or brown paper. I’m going to have to make a corset for Lulu, so this technique will be useful for making my corset pattern. I’ve never made one before, so we’ll see how it goes!

If you could go back and give newbie Lunarstar any advice, what would it be?

I’d say not to compare myself to others and not to put myself down or care what other people think. Also, I’d remind myself that it takes time to learn things, oh, and not to hot glue fabric!

Mad Moxxi
Photo by Sandy Smith Photography
Past Cosplayer of the Week

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