Cosplayer of the Week: Luna Hope Cosplay

Hailing from South East England, Luna Hope Cosplay is a fantastic cosplayer with a good few years of experience under her belt. Her cosplay name comes from a mix of her League of Legends name and her real name, but would she change it now if she could? Read on to find out…

Blake Belladonna
Photo by Richard Abram Photography

Age: 18

Location: Surrey

Favourite food: Lasagne! Any sort of pasta or noodles

What inspired you to first start cosplaying?

I don’t really live around the con crowd or any form of nerds, and it’s pretty boring by yourself. I ended up stumbling across CMVs from Sneaky Zebra, Smile 250 and Jessica Nigri’s Mail Mondays. The idea that people were bringing characters to life really appealed to me. They made it look awesome, a way to make friends too. I tried it and haven’t stopped since – so much now that crafting costumes is a career I’m trying to pursue.

Daenerys Targaryen
Photo by Cat&Crown Artwork

What’s your favourite part of the costume making process?

Wearing the costumes is great and all, but I find that making certain elements of your cosplay to a finished standard is really rewarding. When all the little parts start coming together. For example, I’m covered in paint and Dremel dust and all of a sudden that one piece I have spent hours on looks like my reference. I’m still in my crafting troll clothes, I try on the bit I have just made and I get so excited about it! After three YouTube tutorials and two failed attempts, it starts coming together and looking badass. That’s my favourite bit. I get really proud of myself for trying something new, like a material or technique, and I finally make it work. When making my cosplays I tend to be wearing the bits I’ve made, and oh boy does it look hilarious!

Photo by Acael – Photography

What would you say is your most complicated make so far?

My Lady Thor was probably my most complicated build so far. I started making it when I was 16, and I finally finished it in May this year. It was incredibly challenging as it had so many components, seventeen pieces of armour and LEDs everywhere. I had to make a custom wadded and textured bodysuit similar to Fallout bodysuits, capable of holding all that weight too. I went a little mad as Zach Fischer’s design was intense. I want to rework it though, as it was really uncomfortable, but it was a really big learning experience for me. Full suits of Worbla are not fun to wear, EVA from now on!

Lady Thor
Photo by Cat&Crown Artwork

Do you have a dream cosplay you aspire to make?

My two dream cosplays I aspire to make are Project: Ashe from League of Legends and Princess Kushana (custom redesign from Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind) by Paul Kwon. They require loads of advanced techniques and materials, I want to be able to achieve one day! I am nowhere near good enough to attempt these designs yet though!

If you could go back in time and give newbie Luna Hope one piece of advice, what would it be?

That’s a good one. I would tell newbie me, don’t choose Luna Hope Cosplay, the name will stick and you will hate it! 80cm wigs are a bad idea without hairspray and don’t do those fake anime eyes…that combo looks awful.

Princess Mononoke
Photo by Eugene Art. Photography
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