My Photo Projects (May 2018)

In May I got to shoot with some fantastic people to work with.

First person I worked with in May was Jessienoochies Cosplay where we shot her DCEU Mera and her Arkham Catwoman.  We shot Mera at the beaches of Colwyn Bay and we couldn’t have asked for better weather, with great skies, endless clean beaches.  Jess gave me an extra challenge when editing Mera, was to edit similar to the Snyder/DCEU promo look, which I did but lord, I was so glad I got back to edit photos with colour…gosh I miss colour.

For her Catwoman, we shot this on the street of Manchester.  I’m always worry about shooting in urban city as you never know what passerby will say or do.  But Jess had a friend to keep an eye on things and I was also on full alert.  Manchester has some great places to shoot urban sights which fitted Catwoman so well (not too sure what I said came out well. LOL).

The next person I shot with was FoxyBop Cosplay, who wanted to shoot her Arwen from Lord of the Rings and Hela from Thor:Ragnarok.  Foxy knew of a great forest for her Arwen cosplay in the Manchester area, which work brilliantly.  I do love working in a forest, though where this forest was, if Foxy ever say, its a 10 min walk….she’s lying.

With her Hela, I had to think of somewhere to shoot and we shot at the AWOL Studios, which I have shot there before and thought it would suit well, but when I got there, it wasn’t the best setting.  I plan on shooting this cosplay again with Foxy at a better setting.  Despite this, I tried my best to make this work with where we were.

Last up, was shooting with Jinxy Dragon and Cosplay Kira of there Rei and Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion series.  We shot this in an abandon area of Watford.  This was a such a sunny day, it was making it hard to get photos that I wanted from the research I did.  Luckily there was an underpass we used for some of the shot.  But I wanted to challenge myself so that I can better handle myself should I be asked to shoot on a sunny day.

Should you want to shoot with me of any of your cosplay, please drop me a message.

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