Deadpool 2 Review

Deadpool 2 (2018)

Well what in the ass! This movie was amazing!

Deadpool 2 had a lot of speculation about how they were going to up the ante from the their first incredibly popular outing. With a new increased budget and all the room to play with, I can only imagine the amount of different ideas that were brought up about our hero and the only definite thing we knew about the sequel, the inclusion of Cable.

Rob Delaney in Deadpool 2 (2018)

The movie centers around our hero trying to protect a young mutant who goes by the name of Firefist from many different factors, one of which includes Cable, a time traveller who is on a mission to eliminate the mutant and anyone who stands in his way. This leads to hilarious antics, incredible action and the birth of a brand new mutant team, X Force.

Josh Brolin in Deadpool 2 (2018)

This movie, in my opinion, is a good continuation of the first movie. it still has the same humour that you would expect from Ryan Reynolds as he dawns the red suit, but we are also treated to some incredible action, as well as welcome returns from great characters like Dopinder, Blind Al and Weasel, as well as Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus. We also get a host of amazing new characters, stand outs for me have to include Josh Brolin’s Cable who even though was absolutely amazing and suited the role beautifully, I can’t help but feel like his performance is what we would have gotten for Thanos if Disney EVER did a R Rating. Domino is absolutely brilliant, incredibly charming and funny. The chemistry she has with the cast is brilliant and a welcome addition to the series.

Zazie Beetz in Deadpool 2 (2018)

This movie has so much heart behind it, without spoiling it, it takes a good look at the character of Deadpool and what drives him and by the end of the movie, you get a good well rounded character that has tried his best to fulfill his arch in the movie. I would definitely say get your asses down to the cinemas this instant and see this movie, especially if you like great action and a nice surprise character, as well as a gaggle of jokes!

Josh Brolin, Ryan Reynolds, and Zazie Beetz in Deadpool 2 (2018)

Now you can’t talk Deadpool on a cosplay board without referring to “douchepools” that unfortunately do frequent the cosplay scene, even to this day. I am proud to say that I am most definitely a Deadpool cosplayer but I do not look to upset my fellow cosplayers. I think a lot of douchepools have started drift away from the scene, but it’s a shame that things have happened in the past. The use of a character portray to excuse rude and disgusting behaviour is sad and pathetic, in my opinion. We have a community that can be so incredible to behold and a togetherness that you don’t get in other hobbies. So I like to hope that the deadpools that frequent the upcoming cons *cough* London MCM *cough* keep their minds about them and realize that if you want to be a deadpool cosplayer, be funny, but be respectful!


You know when I think about it……..Josh Brolin is like rolling in all the money right now!

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