Cosplayer of the Week: Smashing Cosplay

You may know of this cosplayer because of his really great Ned Flanders costume or maybe his Nigel Thornberry one. Smashing Cosplay just seems to love bringing some of our favourite childhood characters to life and looks like he’s having a ball doing it!! Go and check out his stuff and admire that Ned Flanders butt butt.

Photo taken by Cospix

Age: 23

Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Favourite food: Oh man.. I LOOOOVEE food, but I’m gonna have to go with BBQ ribs

You have made some awesome costumes inspired by cartoons, my fave is your ned Flanders one. Which one has had the best reaction/story?

I’ve had so many reactions to my cosplays (doing novelty cosplays really helps with that haha), and Stupid Sexy Flanders really got some good ones, but I think my favourite would be when I was dressed as Mighty Mask from DBZ! I was in line to meet Christopher Sabat (the voice of Vegeta and others from DBZ) dressed as Mighty Mask, and as I got closer in the line, he spotted me and yelled and pointed ‘OH MY GOD, THIS IS AMAZING, CAN I GET A PHOTO!’. He got me up the front of the line and took a pic on his phone (he even posted it on his facebook page!), gave me one of the $20 signings cards and wrote ‘BEST COSPLAY EVER!’ on it! Here I was, all excited lining up to meet him, and he is even more excited to see ME!

This also goes on to another story about how I became good friends with Uncanny Megan, a lovely American cosplayer (through the photo that Chris posted on his page), but I’ll save that for another time haha.

Cosplay by Trung Do Photography

You have used a fair amount of woodwork for props, what advice would you suggest to anyone who is looking to use wood in the future and what would you say about taking wooden props to conventions?

Woodwork is something I love doing. By trade I’m an Electrician, but I’ve always loved woodwork since high school. Working with timber isn’t as hard as it looks, IF you have the correct tools. I’ve found the most important tool I’ve had when working with timber, is a ‘spoke shaver’. It’s line a small plane with small wings for handles. Very very nice for getting a nice shaped edge for things like sword blades. I use treated pine from the local hardware store for all of my timber props, as its cheap and easily accessible. Wooden props have their downside though, as they can end up a little on the heavier side, and depending on your local convention’s rules, you might not be allowed wooden props (at least over a certain length **please remember this when making props, you don’t want to end up disappointed that you worked hard on something only to be told you can’t take it in**)

Regardless of what you’re making your props out of, having a plan of attack is the most important thing. I always draw up a measured 1:1 ratio technical drawing of the prop on graph paper before I make anything. This will help you get your measurements correct, and can help you break it down into sections so it’s not so overwhelming.

You have also changed your body shape a few times for costumes, like for Johnny Bravo and He Man. How did do you go about doing this?

For those big beefy cosplays, I used a foam muscle suit that I commissioned from a talented friend of mine, Cosplays of the Sew Fun Alchemist! I specifically went for the overly huge muscle suit for cosplays like Johnny Bravo and He-Man (Johnny Bravo was the main inspiration). I’ve got a few more planned for it too!

Photo taken by Maetogrophy

What advice would you give to new cosplayers?

Make sure you have fun! That’s what this is all about – getting out there and having fun dressed as your favourite characters. I love doing novelty style cosplays because I get to put smiles on peoples faces, and as lame as it sounds, that’s the most rewarding part, making people laugh (and if you’ve ever met me in cosplay, you’ll know that I love getting into character too haha).

Don’t take cosplaying too seriously, because that’s the best and easiest way to ruin it for yourself. Also, if you come across people who are negative towards your efforts, just completely disregard them. I know some seriously talented people who still get negative comments on their cosplays from random people. Some people can’t be pleased, so don’t let them stop you having fun!
Get out there and give it a go! 

Photo taken by Cursed Gear Photography
Photo taken by Chris Such Photography
Photo taken by Dallas Nagata White, Debbie cosplayed by Uncanny Megan

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