Cosplayer of the Week: Asham Cosplay

Being fans of cosplay competitions, the chance to interview and then later become friends with Asham Cosplay was pretty awesome. Every costume she makes is stunning and we’ve even seen them up close and the pictures don’t do her craftsmanship justice. So without further ado, Asham Cosplay.

Age: I am not sure any more really.

Location:  Melbourne, Australia

What is your favourite food? Delicious food! I don’t think I have a favourite, but I do like my Vegemite on toast!

Photo by Creed Photography

You’ve been cosplaying a long time, what has been the biggest change in cosplay since you started cosplaying? Either in Australia or just in general?

The materials available! When I started we didn’t even have wonderflex which was around before Worbla. Also living in Australia we only really had what we could get at fabric stores here, and eBay was only starting to be a thing.

Anime was harder to get your hands on. You only got some super bad Dubbed anime that might be on TV easily.

You have entered numerous international cosplay contests and you have been to wcs twice already for Australia. What makes you go back and do you think you will try to represent Australia again in a contest

What makes me go back? I guess the challenge of the competition. Having something to aim towards to improve my skills so that I am always learning and growing as a cosplayer. Also being able to meet so many AMAZING overseas cosplayers when I get the chance to travel for competitions! I love seeing their work and being able to talk to them about cosplay and their craft. I will probably aim to represent Australia again in a contest if I get a chance! Like I said I always do like a challenge, even if it’s stressful and painful… it’s well worth it in the end to represent Australia <3

Winning WCS in 2016 with Tsubaki Costuming Australia

When you plan costumes is there a particular feature/type of costume you look for? If so what is it? (e.g. challenging wigs, applique? Crazy armour)

I am not sure truth be told. I never really thought about it. One thing that does catch my eye is shoes! I love to make super weird and wonderful shoes for cosplay so if there is a character design that has awesome shoes it most likely will make its way onto my list.

But I guess I love a good challenge overall. I always want to try and improve my skills by trying new techniques, like more difficult sewing or armour builds, but also improving on the techniques that I love like leather applique.

You used a lot of applique on your costumes, why do you choose this method to put detailing on costumes over other methods?

Because pretty!! But I guess I used this method more-so then others because it works so well for the costumes I mostly make. Pretty, manly, battles costumes from Dynasty Warriors would need to be fabulous but still a more tough wearing in my head, if that makes sense….

I was taught how to do applique by another cosplay many years ago but moved onto using materials such as leather for it and have never looked back! I love mixing texture and fabrics in my costumes so much!

Photo by Creed Photography

If you could go back to noob Asham and give her a piece of advice what would it be?

Organise your cosplay stuff! For the love of god! I am still finding fabric from old cosplays that are more then a few years old now… and your patterns! I am forever sorting and cleaning my cosplay stuff…

Photographer – Creed Photography, Sakura – Clamwings
Photographer – R.A Photography
Photography by Fiathriel

Photo by Creed Photography

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