Cosplayer of the Week: Lileven

We first encountered Lileven at ECG in Paris a few years ago and we have been following her and watching her incredible cosplaying skill. Not only is she gorgeous and really lovely but she’s so talented! Most of her cosplays are amazing but her Riven cosplay! We might love it just a little.

Age: I’m 22 despite my page still saying I’m 20 (too lazy to change)

Location: I’m from Belgium. It’s like being french, but better

What is your favourite food? My favorite food is PASTAAAA. I’ve lived alone for 2 years eating pasta 3 times a week and I’m still in love. Favorites ones being Carbonara or Mediterranean

Photo taken by Florian Fromentin Photographe

We first met you when you entered ECG in 2015, what was it like to be part of ECG?

ECG was a lot of fun and stress. I was really awkward at that time (I didnt believe I deserved to be there and my English was awful), and I feel like it went by so fast I didn’t really enjoy it enough but it was an awesome experience, and I’m trying my best this year to be part of it again!! ECG FAMILY FTW

You are currently working on a Zarya cosplay and you have decided to make the weapon out of foam and paper mache, why have you chosen to do it this way over more common methods like Worbla?

Worbla is expensive, heavy, and I’m not used to it. Anyone who’s a bit into Overwatch cosplay probably heard of Jecht’s Zarya ? Well, his gun weight 8kg and is worth over $1K of materials! I plan mine to be 4kg max (at this point it’s only 1.65 kg so I doubt it’ll even weight above 3kg actually) and, with all the leftovers I’m using, it’ll cost me something like… 50€ ? So, worbla has never been an option for it. I’m not saying it’s bad or anything, but I believe people usually underestimate how useful paper mache can be. It’s cheap, easy, probably not as sturdy as worbla but as long as you don’t plan to throw your props everywhere it’s perfectly fine!
I also thought of 3D printing but it’s expensive as fuck and it’s less fun. Not to mention I don’t have a 3D printer.

Photo by Decco Photography

I love your arcade Riven, as well as your other League of Legends costumes. How do you store all your big props?

STORING IS THE HARD PART. Thanks to my parents, most of my props are in the attic, alongside all my costumes in boxes. The only exceptions being Soraka’s scythe/Moana’s oar/classic Jinx’s Fishbones (all three in my workshop for now) and Braum’s shield (in the cellar because it’s too big).

What has been the most tricky technique you have had to master so far?

There’s nothing tricky in my props, that’s just insulation foam and paper mache. Well, actually, my Arcade Riven’s sword was probably the trickiest props I’ve made so far, because it’s breakable into three parts, it has LEDs everywhere (in two differents parts, which means it needs to be reconnected everytime), and it needed a big battery to work. I can thank my dad for it, because he helped me with all the LEDs stuff, while I had to figure out how to break apart all that stuff. The “I need to break this stuff apart because ITS TOO BIG” has been a big deal for me since 2014  If my props weren’t breakable, most of them wouldn’t fit a normal car

Photo taken by Allpo Dayo

What advice would you give to new cosplayers?

Aaaand about the advice, hmm. PLAN AHEAD. Whether you’re doing fabric or armour cosplays, or big props, plan all your stuff in advance. Budget, time, materials needed, how you’re gonna sew those parts together, how you’re gonna build and assemble your props, how you’re gonna attach your armour… Most costumes aren’t “humanly possible”, and you have to be really creative to figure out how to do things. Don’t be afraid to look for tutorials (its usually never smarter if you’re doing things on your own, you’re just taking more time and failing more, trust me) or ask people. There’s always solutions, you just need to dig a bit. Buuuut : dig before you realise you’ll need a hole because thinking “I need this to fit in my car” once you’re done building your 2m axe isn’t a good plan

Photo by Imripix
Photo by Aleke Photography




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