Cosplayer of the Week: Tobi Cosplay

Tobi Cosplay first came to our attention thanks to a friend of ours nominating him for Cosplayer of the week and we can definitely see why. His cosplays are incredible and he looks so good in every cosplay he does.

Age: 27

Location: Valencia, Spain

What is your favourite food? Lasagna

Rin Matsuoka: Tobi Cosplay & Gou Matsuoka: Takusi Photography, Photographer & Edit by Seven Cos&Photo

You have a variety of armoured and sewn costumes, Do you have a preferred cosplay? Why is it this method?

My favourite cosplay is Ren MAGI manga-anime Kouen. I consider it my favourite by the difficulty, amount of time and investment that I put in it.

This cosplay has methods of all different, from sculpting, make armour, create from zero a prosthesis, and sewing a great variety of fabrics as Brocade, bias and silks among others woven.

Enjoyed making this costume so much.

When you plan some of your bigger costumes how do you start planning the costume? Do you find it difficult to pattern armour or costume pieces?

The first thing I do is to have reference images, from there I look at taking the proportions and I consider that material could do everything. Almost everything I do for inspiration and I try to capture it directly in the material (sometimes this is a big mistake because if we’re wrong we would have to repeat again).

Regarding armour patterns, I test them out on my body and with the patterns of fabric, I start from a sack and basic patterns then modify it.

Photo taken by

You have a lot of weapons and armour and complicated costumes, how do you store your costumes? What advice would you give to cosplayers about storing cosplay?

I have a workshop to cosplay and I have in my possession two closets where I keep my costumes and my armour and weapons (I do not even have enough space) because my room also has a lot of the suits are still in progress. What I advise is to try to take advantage of all the space possible and have some organisation, even when we are doing a cosplay it is rare that there room that is not filled with material everywhere.

If you could go to newbie Tobi Cosplay, what would you tell them about cosplay?

I would say enjoy this world and enjoy your hobby

Photo by Taksui Photography
Photo taken by Daruku Creations
Photo taken by Ari B-Rabbit Cosplay



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