Cosplayer of the Week: Naru’s Cosplay

Naru’s Cosplay is such an amazing cosplayer that we just had to feature them! Their wig work is so incredible and their photos are amazing. A few of us have been following Naru’s Cosplay for a while so we decided it was about time that they were featured as Cosplayer of the Week!!

Age: over 20

Location: Munich, Germany

What is your favourite food? Japanese in general, but maybe Ramen and Gyoza.

Kogitsunemaru cosplayer – Naru’s Cosplay. Saniwa cosplayer – Keisa Cosplay, Photographer – Jule Kimagure

You are really seem to specialise with wigs. How did you get started with wigs and what would you say to anyone who is hesitant or scared about starting to work with wigs?

I actually started doing wigs seriously only two years ago. I wanted to improve my skills so I opened commission slots to anyone who needed my help. With these many different requests I learned to do all kind of hair styles. Mostly I looked up other wig commissioners like Malindachan and her tutorials, at the beginning but soon got the hang of it. It’s just trial and error and a lot of practice, there’s no magic going on. Remember that everyone fails at the start sometimes, Just don’t give up.


On average how long does it take you to make each costume and which has been the most complicated one for you?

Okay on average,around about one weekend for normal cosplays. If I have to sew them for competitions then that’s a different matter because I use different techniques.

The most complicated one for me was probably the Knight of Zero Suzaku from Code Geass. My skill level at that time was really low and I struggled a lot with applying the golden pattern onto the fabric, since the gold was hella stretchy. I also sucked at ornamenting the body suit and we don’t want to talk about my wig and make-up back then…I also used interfacing for the first time and it was way too sturdy for my purpose. ahahhaha I learned a lot at that time.

Photographer – Kashikosa


If you could style any character wig in the world which one would it be and why?

Yami Yuugi, just because I think it’s one of the most difficult hair styles to do. They easily look stupid if not made carefully. Also I adore the wigs of some Yami cosplayers and I’m itching to do something like that in the near future. Actually he’s planned but I dunno when I can really make him

If you could go back to newbie Naru, what would you tell Naru?

I actually was a bit chubby when I started cosplaying (like three sizes bigger) and didn’t know much about posing that was fitting to hide my curves. So if I could go back I wouldn’t necessarily tell myself to get slimmer or anything like that, I never felt uncomfortable in my own body. But to look at better cosplayers sooner and adapt how to pose better, since a little bit of twisting your body the other way or leaning somewhere can do wonders for the final result and dynamics of a photo.

Photographer unknown
Jean Kirschstein – Naru’s Cosplay, Erene Jäger – Chiisai Saku Cosplay, Photographer – Symphonia Cosplay
Rin Matsuoka – Naru’s Cosplay, Haru Nanase – Jule Kimagure, photographer – A.R.C. Photography




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