Cosplayer of the Week: Kayley Marie cosplay

Kayley Marie Cosplay first came to our attention as a nominated Cosplayer of the Week and we loved her work so much that we had to just feature her. The boys would say that it’s because she makes some fantastic Spider-cosplays (they love the Spider-verse) and the girls would say it’s because she’s so good at foam work. The jealousy over her skill is strong at Food and Cosplay.

Age: 27

Location: Central Pennsylvania

What is your favorite food? Mexican

Photo taken by TEoSB - Cosplay and Photography
Photo taken by TEoSB – Cosplay and Photography

Your foamwork is so tidy! Do you have any tips to anyone who is worried about working with foam on how to get your foam work to look so tidy?

Thank you so much for the kind words! I would say, don’t be afraid to use eva foam it is a very versatile and forgiving material as well as inexpensive. With a little work you can make foam look like worbla! To channel my inner Shia LaBeouf, “Just Do it!” Honestly, it took a bit a practice at first but your best friends when working with foam will be a sharp x-acto knife, contact cement, and a heat gun; to help shape, smooth, and seal your foam. I know that sounds a little intimidating but fear not, everything I learned about foam I learned from this amazing foamsmith named Evil Ted Smith on YouTube.  He not only walks you through the steps but also explains why he does not do certain things.

You made a face shell from foam? Can you explain to us how you went about patterning the face shell? It looks like it would be confusing to get the shapes right.

The face shell was definitely one of the hardest things I have made; I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Before I even attempted to make the shell I did research the design of many other shells to see how they were constructed. I made the face shell for Jonny B Cosplay and let me tell you, he is trooper.  To make sure the shell would fit to his face I wrapped him in plastic wrap and duct tape, don’t worry I made sure he could breath, and drew the pattern directly on the tape making sure I drew every part I would cut including the outline. After I cut off the makeshift pattern I transferred that to paper and then on to the foam where I would shape using the heat gun and glue back together.

Photo taken by S1Price Lightworks
Photo taken by S1Price Lightworks

You have mentioned in a few posts that you make appearances as Gwen, what is your favorite memory of wearing Gwen to an event?

I have several versions of Gwen including classic Gwen Stacy inspired by “The Night Gwen Stacy Died”, Oscorp Gwen, Superior Spider-Gwen, Gwenom (Spider-Gwen as Venom), and casual Gwen Stacy from the current run of Radioactive Spider-Gwen. I am sure I will have many more versions of Gwen to come in the future; I just love cosplaying as her.  Some of my favourite moments are interacting with the other Spider-man cosplayers, I have had them pick me up in their excitement as well as hearing the shouts of “Gwen!” and “Spider-Gwen” as I walk across the convention hall, it makes my day! My all time favourite thing about being Gwen is interacting with the tiny spidey cosplayers. I love getting down on the floor with them and teaching them how to twhip and pose.

What advice would you give to new cosplayers?

My advice to new cosplayers is to have fun! Cosplay is all about fun, don’t worry about being “cosfamous” or popular. Go out there, make friends, and have a blast doing so, that is what it is all about. I have made so many friends in the cosplay community; we are all a truly amazing community full of love and support.  Besides we all geeks in costume who love the same things so keep doing what you love and be your awesome self!

Photo taken by Maze Studio
Photo taken by Maze Studio
Photo taken by Rick Currier Photography
Photo taken by Rick Currier Photography
Photo taken by Rick Currier Photography
Photo taken by Rick Currier Photography





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