Cosplayer of the Week: Scribblebug

Scribblebug is a cosplayer who basically ticks all of Food and Cosplay’s favourites lists. She lives Overwatch, she likes Avatar, she likes RWBY and she is an amazing crafter! This basically made her a given when she was nominated to be Cosplayer of the Week and we are so glad she was nominated. We’ve had so much fun looking through her photos and fangirling over her photos!

Age: 24

Location: Utah

What is your favourite food? Pizza!

When you put your costumes together which is you favourite part of the process? Why?

I love making props and armour. It’s something I hope to make more of in future cosplays. I especially enjoy painting and weathering. There is something really satisfying about transforming plastic and foam into metal.

Photo taken by York in a Box
Photo taken by York in a Box

You have dabbled in a number of different techniques and stuff, when it comes to things like your Riven sword, how do you go about designing and making a weapon so big?

I do tons of research before starting a big prop like that. I gather reference photos from every angle possible and look for lots of online tutorials. Once I have a solid plan of how I want to go about a project, then I start putting it together. The biggest advice I’d have when it comes to big props is do plenty of research and have patience. It can be a challenge, but it’s also lots of fun!

You have done a number of awesome characters as well as a few quirky light hearted ones. What is your favourite aspect of cosplay and bringing these characters to life?

I love cosplaying so much because it allows me bring to life characters that mean so much to me. There are so many stories and characters that have touched me and shaped who I am today. Cosplaying allows me to creatively express my love and gratitude for these characters and their source material.

Photo taken by Scribblebug
Photo taken by Scribblebug

I am a huge RWBY fan and noticed some potential Nora stuff on your page. When will this happen so I can stalk your progress?

YES! RWBY is soooo good! I definitely want to cosplay Nora. I don’t have an exact date when I’m going to start working on it, but hopefully by the end this year or next summer at the latest.  

What advice would you give to new cosplayers?

I wanted to cosplay for a long time but was always too scared to start. I was so worried that I would look silly or that people would make fun of me. Eventually I worked up the courage to cosplay for the first time. I remember not sleeping the night before the con because I was both so excited and nervous. I ended up having so much fun and meeting so many nice people at that convention, and I have been cosplaying ever since. Cosplay can seem intimidating, but overall it’s a really wonderful community. Don’t compare yourself to others and just have fun.

Photo by ASPhotography
Photo by ASPhotography
Neptune- Vulpix Cosplay, Mercury- Scribblebug, Usagi- Minteabunny Chibiusa- Bowbat Cosplay, Jupiter- Auroralotus, Photo- York In A Box
Neptune- Vulpix Cosplay, Mercury- Scribblebug, Usagi- Minteabunny
Chibiusa- Bowbat Cosplay, Jupiter- Auroralotus, Photo- York In A Box
Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown



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