Cosplayer of the Week: Bio Cosplay

From props, guns, armour and helmets, Bio Cosplay makes everything out of Foam and I sit there and wonder “How does he make it look so good!” like seriously how? So I caught up with him and asked him some questions about how he makes his costumes and about his excellent foam work.

Age: 24

Location: West Virginia, USA

What is your favorite food? Icecream!

Photo by The Portrait Dude
Photo by The Portrait Dude

You make some beautiful pieces out of foam, like your fallout pistol. When you’re about to tackle something like that how do you go about planning how to break down your prop/weapon?

Thank you! For Props like the fallout pistol I try to break it down into layers. So I would start with the basic shape, then build on top of that with smaller and smaller details to create the final piece.

Creating smooth curves in stuff like helmets can be really difficult, do you have any advice on how to get the perfect curve?

I’ve found the best way to create curves when using foam is to make your pattern on a curved object. So for a curved helmet like Magneto, I have my girlfriend wrap my head in a layer of plastic wrap and a layer of duct tape (leaving holes to breathe of course). Then she will draw on a basic pattern, which I will tweak once it is removed. I highly recommend checking out Evil Ted on YouTube. He has some great videos on this subject.

WIP from Bio Cosplay's Facebook page
WIP from Bio Cosplay’s Facebook page

You have a preference to use foam, why do you choose to use foam over using other materials like Worbla?

It’s all personal preference really, so for me foam is what I started out with and what I’ve gotten used to using. The reason I used it to begin with is mainly because it is cheap. It also helps that it’s lightweight and flexible.

Which costume/prop has been our favourite piece to construct? Why?

It’s hard to pick a favourite costume. Usually whatever the most recent once I’ve made is my favourite since it’s new. That being said, my Skull of Ahamkara helmet for my Destiny Warlock is my favourite thing I’ve made. It was something I wanted to make since the first in-game photos of Destiny were released. I was really happy with how the paint job turned out and I just think it’s cool.

Photo by The Portrait Dude
Photo by The Portrait Dude

Do you have a particular shop/store you would like to recommend?

I don’t really have any particular stores to recommend. I usually just go to whatever hardware store is closest or order things online. There are some great costume/prop makers that I’ve learned a lot from and have some great tutorials that I would recommend others check out. Punished props (foam/molding & casting), Evil Ted (foam), Steven K Smith (muscle suits/sculpting), Coregeek Cosplay and Creations (LEDs), Kamui Cosplay (worbla/LEDs)

If you could go back to newbie Bio Cosplay and give them one piece of advice, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to seek advice from the cosplay/prop making community. Most people I’ve met are more always happy to help out and give advice to those who need it. Also expect a lot of trial and error. Most people don’t post their multiple failed attempts at making something, so don’t get discouraged if it takes a few tries to succeed.

Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown
Photo taken by The Portrait Dude
Photo taken by The Portrait Dude
Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown




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