Cosplayer of the Week: Atelier Yoru

Featuring Atelier Yoru is a really exciting moment for me, the one who sends out these things, because she’s the first South American cosplayer we have ever featured on Food and Cosplay as Cosplayer of the week, and my god, I’m kicking myself for not featuring her sooner! Her work is fantastic, its so clean and epic and best of all she cosplays Blizzard! Not that that’s a factor, but it helps!

Age: 23

Location: Colombia, South America

Favourite food: Sushi

Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown

You have done a mixture of armoured costumes and fabric costumes, do you have a preference as to which you prefer? Armour or fabric? Why?

I like both armour and fabric costumes. I usually prefer armours since they look big and super cool, but I’m also a sucker for big puffy dresses, especially historically accurate Victorian, Rococo, Chinese and Japanese dresses. I haven’t done many of those because they end up being super expensive in comparison to armours and my armour-smithing skills are better than my sewing skills, but someday I will. For now, I’ll keep doing practical armours (I hate bikini armours)

When you put your costumes together which is you favourite part of the process? Why?

My favourite part of the cosmaking process is putting the details in. I think details make the difference between an average cosplay and a mind-blowing one, so I really enjoy putting in as many as I can (even adding some of my own to otherwise plain designs). I have to be careful though cause sometimes I get so engrossed in it I waste a lot of time I usually don’t have.

Photographer unknown

You have put some tutorials on your website, do you think it is important for cosplayers to show how they make their costumes? Why?

Yes, I think it’s important to share your knowledge. If it weren’t for all of those amazing cosplayers before me that posted tutorials I would have stumbled a lot more when learning. I met some people who were really selfish when I asked them some questions, thinking I was going to ruin their business or something, but the truth is most people just want to enjoy their hobby as much as they can.

Your Vi costume is amazing, something I have always wanted to ask Vi cosplayers, what is it like to walk around with those huge things on your hands and arms? Where do you store them?

Vi is a really tiresome cosplay. It has a lot of parts on that impair your movement so, for example, the first time I wore it I couldn’t sit down all day. The hands are kinda heavy even though they are mostly hollow foam, so after I while of posing my arms would get numb and I’d have to take them off and take a rest. They aren’t that heavy by themselves but after five or more minutes of raising them up, it would feel as if I had gone to the gym

I store my armours in a box, each, and put them in a room I use for storage purposes only.

Photographer unknown
Photo taken by AR Fotographia

What has been the most tricky technique you have had to master so far?

The trickiest technique I’ve had to master would be pattern making (for armours). At first I would have to repeat the pattern time and time again and usually got discouraged in the progress, but I believe it’s the most essential part of the process so I persisted until I became good enough to get it right the first time (most of the time, anyway).

If you could go back to newbie Atelie Yoru, what would you tell her?

If I could tell newbie Yoru something it would be: “You can do it”. At first I thought cosplay was something other people in other countries could do, and it took me a lot of time to gather the courage to try because I didn’t believe I was capable. It was only when I saw people in my city doing it that I decided to try. Still, at first I limited myself to doing fabric-only cosplays. Vi was my first armour and I had to repeat it three times during a whole year since I kept messing it up. Still, in the end, I feel my efforts paid off and I gained a lot of confidence in my abilities.

Photographer Unknown
Photographer Unknown
Photoby AR Fotographia
Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown





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