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From Blizzard to Star Wars to League of Legends, Chrix Design has dabbled in everything and her work is just beautiful to look at. It’s so clean and tidy and I love looking at her WIPS to see how she puts all her costumes and props together. Especially when you see that she uses some rather imaginative materials.

Age: I’m closing in on 30 years old very soon

Location: I live in Oslo, Norway

What is your favorite food? Chocolate, hands down! But I’m absolutely love the combo of strawberries and basil, and right now I have a craving for yellow apples.

Photo by - Cosplay & Photography
Photo by – Cosplay & Photography

When it comes to props that don’t really exist in real life, like the fallout weapons, how do you go about breaking down the props? I think you’re the only person I Have ever seen use a kinder egg toy case in a prop:

I love using existing “trash” in my costume making, I think that might be my niche. I know to use a lot of cardboard from frozen pizza. When it comes to a weapon like the Fallout 4 Shishkebab I was in luck, as it is supposed to look like it is assembled with all sorts of trash from a fallout world, so I started by looking at trash around me and how I could use it. Sure the size might be a bit off, but hey, it was free. Same goes from sophisticated looking sci-fi weapons as well, is there any trash or packaging that looks like any of the parts I need. I even have my mother looking at packaging, even calling me if she has found something that might be useful. So even when I’m not building, I might keep a weird looking canister or remember where to get really cheap beetle toy, never know when you need it.

If you’re interested in reading about the making of the Shishkebak, here is the tutorial.

You’ve used a huge variety of different techniques, which one has been your favorite technique so far? 

The best thing is to learn new things, so when I learned how to forge silver I was ecstatic. But if it my favorite… No, I think that have to be detail painting, because then you really see the prop come to life and a good paint job can do all the difference.

photographer unknown
photographer unknown

With your Mercy (Overwatch) costume, how do you secure your wings and do they stay stable on your back?

For the Mercy wings I made it so I can take off the wings for transportation. I used “flag pole holders” for mounting flags on walls as the attachment on the back piece. The flagpole itself is embedded into the wings. Since Mercy has a back piece it was easy enough to conceal the metal holders and I made it almost like a backpack first, with straps going around my chest. But in the end I felt I needed a better chest plate for her too and then designed it to the front and back pieces to lock into each other with straps like any other worbla armor.

This way it sits steady and close to my body and can handle the extra weight from the wings. The wings themselves are built from a really lightweight material, foam board, to they sit very well on my back. The main problem comes when they must be worn when I’m outside and the wind gets hold of them and you feel like you are going to blow away. It is a little hard to explain, but take a look at the tutorial if you want a little more information of how I made the wings.

Looking back at your first costumes to now, what is the first thought that goes through your mind? 

My very first cosplay was Chell from Portal and first thought now is, how on earth did I make that without worbla? Which just shows you can get very far with “ordinary materials”. I am also very much more aware that I see more details both in ref photos and in my finished work than I did during my early days. But I still remember the excitement I felt when my first or second costume was done and I had so many butterflies in my stomach just waiting to show them off.

Photo by Joacim Schwartz Photography
Photo by Joacim Schwartz Photography

What advice would you give to new cosplayers?

New cosplayers often get told to “go for it” and follow their dream – which is true, but I think they already know that. Personally I love learning new things and just gathering information, so get to know how your favorite cospalyer made their best costume, and don’t be afraid to ask them, they might love to answer (and if they don’t they might just be consumed with a new awesome cosplay ready for you to see soon any ways). And find blogs and tutorials, you can learn so much from those 😀

And if you would like, share what you know also.

Photo by Katla Photo
Photo by Katla Photo

Photo by Photographer Tom Vidar Johannessen
Photo by Photographer Tom Vidar Johannessen
Photo by Danarki Photography
Photo by Danarki Photography

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