Cosplayer of the Week: Another Rose Cosplay & Photography

I love it when we stumble across cosplayers who are also photographers. Such as Another Rose Cosplay and Photography, an amazingly talented cosplayer and photographer from Germany. Germany has so many amazing cosplayers!!

Age: 24

Location: Germany

What is your favourite food?

I could never decide on one specific food because I love a lot of dishes and try out new stuff whenever I get the opportunity. From gyros over a good pasta to a simple bag of potato chips. I’m a total sucker for curry though – I also make awesome curry. Actually I love to cook but most of the time I’m too lazy when there is nobody to cook for but me, haha.

Photo by AB Photography
Photo by AB Photography

A lot of your costumes have staffs/wands with them, which one has been the most complicated one and how do you usually travel with them? (they must be awkward to travel with sometimes)

I guess the most complicated weapon I ever made was Five’s spear because of all the small details and shading. Making props is so much fun. But yes, travelling with large props can be quite difficult. Some of my larger weapons are made of different parts connected by screws so they can fit into my suitcase. Others are just so big I either need a car to transport them or I wear them on my back while travelling. It totally looks funny to wear a giant brush on your back, yes.

A lot of your staffs and accessories have a beautiful sheen to them, do you have a preferred paint which you use on your props?

That depends on the prop. Most of the time I go to the art supply or DIY store, look at what acrylic paints they have in stock and end up mixing twelve shades of everything until it looks the way I want. I also tried out using nail polish for details lately. It comes in a lot of different shades and most of the time they sparkle, so they are perfect for gems, jewelry or magical girl stuff. I always add a layer of gloss varnish when I’m finished to add to the shiny effect.

Photo by Laura von Krone Photography
Photo by Laura von Krone Photography

When you put your costumes together which is you favourite part of the process? Why?

As I implied above, I prefer crafting over sewing, that’s why I always end up starting with the crafting parts. I also love painting fabrics or adding trimmings, lace or pearls. But I think the whole process of designing a costume (eg. for Pokémon gijinkas) and finding the materials for it is a lot of fun. I love to research, find the right shop for item XY or just go through 26 pages of different wigs.

Obviously photos are important to you, as you are also a photographer. Do you usually do much planning when you do any shoots?

Yes and no. On conventions, as a photographer I don’t do planned shoots anymore because it’s way too stressful if you’re cosplaying yourself – and most of the time you’re pretty limited, not only location-wise but also because of your own costume. Ever tried to shoot in 12cm heels and corset? I don’t recommend it. I really prefer private shootings. When it comes to planned shootings, I like to be prepared. I think of suitable locations, poses and photo ideas in general, sometimes I scribble my ideas or let the cosplayers write down theirs. I prepare props and decorations – and in the end it always ends up being totally different from what I initially planned. It’s really chaotic and most of the time pretty random to shoot with me, either in front or behind the camera, but this way you learn a lot.

Photo taken by Another Rose Cosplay & Photography. Cosplayer is Sakimake
Photo taken by Another Rose Cosplay & Photography. Cosplayer is Sakimake

Do you have any particular people that inspire you for your photography?

Anything and everything inspires me. Sometimes it’s seeing a particular picture, listening to a good piece of music or just a certain key word that pops up in my mind. I write as well and after doing so for years, I learned that every person is inspiring and can become a muse in the blink of an eye. I guess photography and cosplay in general work pretty similar: You think of a character and if you connect to them or their story, everything and everyone will inspire you. I don’t really have idols but I adore many photographers and cosplayers and their works.

What advice would you give to new cosplayers?

Be yourself. Don’t let others tell you what to cosplay or how to do it – the moment you let others restrict your way of cosplaying is the moment you lose yourself. You’re too big for that cosplay? Make it your way. You don’t fit that character’s face? Do it anyway and make it your thing. Cosplay out of your comfort zone, try out new things and above all, take the courage to fail. If you don’t fail, you will never be able to grow, neither as a cosplayer nor as a person. And if everything fails, don’t give up and ask for help.

Photo by Octowana
Photo by Octowana
Photo taken by Kashikosa
Photo taken by Kashikosa, costume made by Laverna
Fuwari Cosplay as Princess Tutu, Chatterbox Cosplay as Princess Krähe, Photo taken by Another Rose Cosplay and Photography
Fuwari Cosplay as Princess Tutu, Chatterbox Cosplay as Princess Krähe, Photo taken by Another Rose Cosplay and Photography




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