Cosplayer of the Week: Pyrahus Cosplay

Pyrahus Cosplay is such a good cosplayer, she first got my attention because she cosplays Avatar and RWBY and we all know people who cosplay that automatically earns my love. So when I met her in Canada I knew she should be a Cosplayer of the Week. Her skills are awesome and her costumes are on point!

Age: 22

Location: Alberta! (Canada)

What is your favourite food?

Can I just say I really like food? I really like food. All the time. It’s hard to narrow it down but…. I’ll never turn down Shanghai soup dumplings, not in a million years.

Photo by William Tan Photography
Photo by William Tan Photography

When you put your costumes together which is you favourite part of the process? Why?

My favorite part has to be when I’m drafting the piece! There is just something really magical for me, when I get to see a piece of muslin or scrap fabric slowly take form of an actually wearable piece and it’s really a ton of fun to experiment and do some visualizing. Sometimes it can take several tries to achieve the right effect but it’s so satisfying when you finally nail it, so for me, that has to be the most exciting part of constructing!

You do a mixture of male and female cosplays, do you have a preference as to which you cosplay? Which character is your favourite to cosplay and why?

I can’t say I have a preference! From season to season, I feel differently so sometimes I’ll do several male cosplays in a row, while lately I’ve been enjoying embracing my girly side and going back to my mahou shojo roots! Cosplay is about transformation for me, so I couldn’t say there is a preference for me, when it’s all about having fun looking at yourself in the mirror 2 days apart and seeing a totally different you!

Photo by Destiny's Curse Photography, edit by Kristicles Art & Cosplay
Photo by Destiny’s Curse Photography, edit by Kristicles Art & Cosplay

My favorite character to cosplay so far, has to be Azula. That might not be a surprise to anyone since I plaster my cosplays of her all over my social media but she has to be my favorite to cosplay just because she’s so different! I really appreciate a young female character who has such a complex range of emotions (ATLA/LOK is just an incredible series in general!!) and that range really lets me play with my makeup and styling for her each time!

One day, I might be going for this haughty regal perfection and the next, I’ll want to go totally wild and embrace her more unhinged side. She’s always the most fun to pose for and Azula gives me so much  fun and freedom with of characterization so even if I’m rewearing the same outfit, I feel I can get a different feel from it each time! I’ve also made so many great friends through the series and the cosplay so it really holds a super special place in my heart and I can’t imagine ever fully retiring her while I still cosplay!

Photo by William Tan's Photography
Photo by William Tan’s Photography

A few of your costumes you have crazy hair colours and you tend to change your eyebrows to match. What method do you use to get matching eyebrows? could you outline the process?

I’m going to try to do my best and explain over text!

I’m a stickler for matching colors so I’ve been experimenting with a ton of methods but what works best for me is using a white cream makeup (such as Ben Nye or even NYX’s Jumbo pencil in Milk) to fill in the brow-shape entirely, then, while the cream makeup is still damp, patting in the appropriate matching eyeshadow shade with a dense and compact blending brush. If you can’t get the appropriate color right away, you can always layer other similar shades of eyeshadow, but you have to do it quick!
I hope that explanation is useful.

Otherwise, I finally got around to making a video, so please take a look!

Photo by Allan Cheung
Photo by Allan Cheung

If you could talk to noob Pyrahus what advice would you give her?

Ahh, young, little, awkward pre-teen Pyrahus. Gosh. There is so much advice to give, ranging from sewing technique to makeup tips but, I think above all, I’d tell her to always remind herself that cosplay is a journey.

Sometimes, it can be discouraging when projects don’t work out, or frustrating when your costume just is not working for you. But, little by little, you’ll learn so many important things about yourself and about the hobby that will make cosplay such a fun and interesting hobby to keep pursuing even after 8 years! There will always be new things to learn and try, so while you aim for your best, always remember there will always be fresh and interesting experiences to try and people to meet!

Cosplay; like most hobbies, is what you make of it. Pursue it in the way that feels right to you and above all, gives you the most satisfaction and sincere happiness. Don’t be afraid to reach out, you’ll meet the most incredible friends in this community. So in two words…. happy cosplaying!

Photo by Otafest, also featuring Acey Cosplay
Photo by Otafest, also featuring Acey Cosplay
Photo by Nova Vandorwolf, also featuring Twin Fools, Acey Cosplay and Angle Productions
Photo by Nova Vandorwolf, also featuring Twin Fools, Acey Cosplay and Angle Productions
Cosplayers: Vaults Cosplay, Ying Cosplay, Sweetestar Cosplay, Kuking, Acey Cosplay. Photo by Plutopia Productions
Cosplayers: Vaults Cosplay, Ying Cosplay, Sweetestar Cosplay, Kuking, Acey Cosplay. Photo by Plutopia Productions
Photo by Aka Maple
Photo by Aka Maple




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