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Every so often, we here at Food and Cosplay feel the need to have to clear the air a little and this is one of those times. One of the most common questions we get to our website is the question “Can I be featured as Cosplayer of the Week?” and we thought we would set the record straight, because I’m getting bored of saying the same thing to everyone. Although I’m sure this post is going to do nothing to resolve that situation.

Cosplayer of the week is one of our longest standing traditions here at Food and Cosplay where we share those lesser known cosplayers who inspire us or those we just feel like sharing. It was started in the Yester Year when Eddie was still a tiny little baby and when Food and Cosplay only had one like. Now we’ve expanded it to include interviews and many of us have become very good friends with cosplayers we feature as a result of Cosplayer of the Week.

“So how can I become cosplayer of the week?” you may ask. Well, in a nutshell, someone must recommend you. As I mentioned above, many people recommend themselves and unfortunately that’s a one way ticket to being rejected as Cosplayer of the Week. We feel that by nominating someone else, it’s our follower’s way to show appreciation for someone else.

Now down to the nitty and the gritty. Do you have someone who you want to be Cosplayer of the Week? Well here are the rules that we go by.

  • They must have fewer page likes than Food and Cosplay (we’re screwed if we ever get loads of likes)
  • They must have at least 4 different costumes (its boring sharing the same costume every single day)
  • They must have a Facebook Page (if you want to be featured on Twitter, Deviantart or Tumblr message us but we don’t have the facility at the moment to do Cosplayer of the Week for these websites)
  • They cannot already have been featured (we have a list of cosplayers we have featured so we will know. Dum dum duuuuummm)
  • They will preferably be able to answer our little interviews.

So that’s it. It doesn’t matter if the costumes are made or bought. Whether the cosplayer is skinny, fat, tall, short or has a physical disability in some way. We will feature everyone and anyone as long as they are nominated by someone else. So get nominating people, we have a whole year to fill up!

About Foodandcosplay

Food and Cosplay is a blog that started off like any other by Eddie who would frequent cons until eventually he decided to start taking photos. These photos thus went onto Tumblr, and then onto Facebook and now it is here. What started off with humble beginnings is slowly becoming a monster where we try and encourage fun in cosplay as well as craftsmanship, diversity and acceptance.

8 thoughts on “How to be Cosplayer of the Week

  1. I would love to nominate Alice in Cosplayland (no clue if she has been featured, not on the website at least, so sorry if i am repeating myself lol.

    1. heya! I dont think she’s been cosplayer of hte week yet. We’ll take a look and add her to the schedule if she hasnt 🙂

  2. I have a bunch! Kayley Marie Cosplay 10.6, Sharon Rose Cosplay 10.6, Agent Barton Cosplay, and Skyward Song Cosplay!

  3. Hi! I’d like to nominate some of my cosplay friends! Hildaglitz Cosplay, Seamripper Cosplay and Christoria’s Cosplay Cave, i don’t know if any of them have been featured before though so sorry if they have! Also i’m not sure if you’d be able to feature this person because she doesn’t have a ‘page’ per se but Gabi King if you can find her is a really great cosplayer and actor who has some amazing costumes and is a great friend of mine too so it would be great if you could feature her but if not I understand!
    Hopefully that wasn’t too many I just feel like I owe people a couple of good deeds and they really deserve the spotlight on your page! 🙂

    1. I’ve added them to the list and I’ll go check them out in the next few days 😀 Thanks for nominating them though!!

  4. I want to nominate Morgothia Cosplay!! She is incredible! She always puts 110% into her costumes and she always pushes herself to learn new things.

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