Vlog: Persona 4 – Rise Kujikawa

Every so often a time comes when even the boss has to eventually take photos of his minions, which is what happened last weekend. Eddie dragged Anna out into the freezing London temperatures to take photos of her Rise Kujikawa costume, a costume she’s had for over a year but have a total of two pictures of, and they’re not even great pictures, they’re selfies. Typical right? Anyway here’s the vlog and some of the photo that came out of it.

Tips for shooting in the city:

  • Try not to get in other people’s way – Let other people pass and try not to block up public paths unless you specifically have permission to do so.
Wait until walkways are quite if you need an empty background
Wait until walkways are quite if you need an empty background
  • Don’t take weapons – In countries like the UK a lot of weapons are banned unless you have a specific licence. Don’t shoot characters who have weapons in big cities. If you want to in London you are required to let the Police know (even if the weapon is a fake) and have a Policeman supervise the shoot.
  • Make sure everyone is safe – By this I mean if its cold make sure you have someone come with you with a coat handy. Make sure both the cosplayer and photographer has plenty to drink and don’t climb all over public property unless you have permission.


  • Photographers don’t put yourself in a position where you can get hurt. Eddie likes to take photos from the floor but make sure that floor isn’t a road or somewhere that vehicles pass.

We hope you enjoyed the vlog!!

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Food and Cosplay is a blog that started off like any other by Eddie who would frequent cons until eventually he decided to start taking photos. These photos thus went onto Tumblr, and then onto Facebook and now it is here. What started off with humble beginnings is slowly becoming a monster where we try and encourage fun in cosplay as well as craftsmanship, diversity and acceptance.

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