Cosplayer of the Week: DepthCharge Cosplay

To kick off the new year of Cosplayer of the Week we have chosen Canadian cosplayer, DepthCharge Cosplay. Not only does she do amazing female cosplays but she makes a very attractive man too! Check out her page to see more of her work!

Age: 22

Location: Calgary, Canada

Favourite Food: Salmon Sashimi

Photo & editing by Andre Goulet Photography
Photo & editing by Andre Goulet Photography

When you put your costumes together which is you favourite part of the process? Why?

Definitely overcoming a new challenge. That is one of the biggest reasons I love cosplaying so much. With every costume I make, I am always making something completely new that I gotta wrap my little brain around. Overcoming that obstacle (maybe with some bumps along the road) and seeing the finished product is a great accomplishment.

In some of your crossplays you have some bare chest but it’s not usually real, how do you go about building yourself a fake chest/arms and make them look realistic?

Most of my bare-chested crossplays have actually been my own chest. I just tape bind. It don’t recommend it to anyone (especially with sensitive skin) but for me it works pretty well. Then I simply contour with makeup the abs, chest, and collarbone area.

Photo by the amazing Soloman Chiniquay Photography
Photo by the amazing Soloman Chiniquay Photography

Another great idea if your character has a piece covering their neck is to make a bodysuit out of skin-coloured fabric. Then you airbrush on your abs and chest. For arm muscle I have cut out and sewed together upholstery foam to fabric, then filled in the gaps with poly-fill.

You seem to have a flair for wigs, how did you get started with wigs and what would you say to anyone who is uncertain/not sure about starting to style their own wigs?

Wigs I just found right off the bat to be a bit easier for me to figure out. I played around with some cheaper wigs first to get the hang of it, and am mostly self-taught. They can certainly be intimidating to start with, but that’s why I always say practice on a cheap wig you won’t be using for anything. And of course look up tutorials, there are so many out there!

Photo taken by Anna of Food and Cosplay
Photo taken by Anna of Food and Cosplay

What has been the most tricky technique you have had to master so far?

I would have to say painting. It it one of the most important pieces to the cosplay puzzle for sure. For example, you can make armour out of the cheapest material like foam and as long as you got a good painting technique down it will look like worbla or real metal!

Do you have a preference of cosplay/craft shop that you would like to recommend to people?

I will recommend a great wig store I use that is both great price and good quality

Photo taken by the amazing Benjamin Sim Photography
Photo taken by the amazing Benjamin Sim Photography
Photo by Destiny's Curse Photography
Photo by Destiny’s Curse Photography
Photo taken by William Tan's Photography
Photo taken by William Tan’s Photography
Photo taken by DMacStudios
Photo taken by DMacStudios




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