Cosplayer of the Week: Symphonia Cosplay

If you want wonderful Disney cosplay the Symphonia Cosplay is one of the cosplayers to watch. She has the most beautiful costumes and the most gorgeous pictures (her Claymore ones!!). As she will be representing Germany in EuroCosplay this year at MCM Comic Con we thought it would be an idea to catch up with her and cask her a few questions about her costumes

Age: 24

Location: Munich, Germany

What is your favourite food? Sushi, Cheese and Chocolate (not combined)

Photo by LOKInst
Photo by LOKInst

You cosplay some very popular children’s characters, do you have any stories of children’s reactions when they see you in your costumes?

I think one of the sweetest moments was when I wore my golden princess Aurora (Disney) and a friend of mine cosplayed a knight. We walked over the convention ground, when a little boy with cape and sword came to us and screamed: “Hurry, we have to take a photo! The camera has low battery!!!” he dragged us to some stairs and we made the photo, than he thanked us and run off. It was so cute, cause he was so excited.

You will be representing Germany in Eurocosplay this year, do you compete very often and how do you choose the costumes to wear for it?

I really like cosplay-competitions and the possibilities they gave you, like performance on stage. That’s why I participate whenever I get the chance to, as well as having the time to make the costume and an idea for the presentation. Usually I already know which costume I want to do for a competition and wanted to make it anyway. This might be the best way (for myself), cause Im much more happy to spend my time working on a cosplay I like to do, cause I love the character, than doing it just for the competition. Furthermore I need to have the slightest idea of how I could act with the costume on stage and which story I would like to tell the audience.

Photo by Photo Phant, Perscy Cosplayer - Daiyame Cosplay
Photo by Photo Phant, Percy Cosplayer – Daiyame Cosplay

There is a photo of you in your Annabeth (from Percy Jackson) cosplay which is taken underwater, how did you find it shooting underwater?

This underwater shooting might have been the most difficult, funniest and most exhausting I ever did! We were shooting for more than three hours, diving about forty-five times and ended with over three thousand photos of this one scene. The first dozen times I constantly arised with my legs first, cause I always hold my breath instead of exhale before diving. And additional to every kiss-photo underwater we had about five trying to find us and another five gasping and looking all messed up. It was totally demanding, but a great experience and we satisfied with the result are very happy, that we did it!

You have been cosplaying for nearly ten years now, what do you feel when you look at your first cosplays compared to what you do now?

Each cosplay I did is combined with memories, so I can´t just look at it and say, that I would do it better now, even if this might – hopefully – be true! Some of them I would really like to redo, cause now I know different materials and techniques. Others I would probably never wear again. And sometimes it is really hard to know what you could do and how you might improve your costume further more and can´t resist.

Photo by Carlos Adama Geek Photography
Photo by Carlos Adama Geek Photography

What has been the most tricky technique you have had to master so far?

That’s a difficult question, normally I try to suppress the tricky times! I made some complex wigs and stitching, but these are often my favourite parts of a cosplay. Most annoying had been making each flower for Rapunzels braid by myself, cause it took me about three months and I really hadn´t much fun in the end.

What advice would you give to new cosplayers?

Anything is possible! There is hardly a costume you can´t make, if you take enough time and in the end, the most important thing is, that you like it.

Photo by theDevil-Photography
Photo by theDevil-Photography
Photo by Saedilicious Cosplay
Photo by Saedilicious Cosplay
Photo by VW at Animuc2015, Merida cosplayer - Luminia Cosplay
Photo by VW at Animuc2015, Merida cosplayer – Luminia Cosplay
Photo by theDevil-Photography
Photo by theDevil-Photography



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