Mad Max photoshoot

This vlog is a little late, especially as I had this finished this time last week. But this was such a fun day and we’re all so happy with how the first few photos turned out. Head over to Laughing Orc Photography to see a few of the shots we did. A check out our goofing around in the vlog!

Beyond Believing Cosplay
Neroli Cosplay
Jack of Graves Cosplay
Ekko Cosplay
Sian K1tt3h

And of course a few previous of the shoot, check out more on the cosplayers pages or the photographers, Laughing Orc Photography:

“Shiny and chrome”
Max and Furienza (Furiosa inspired)
Looking out over the wastelands

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Food and Cosplay is a blog that started off like any other by Eddie who would frequent cons until eventually he decided to start taking photos. These photos thus went onto Tumblr, and then onto Facebook and now it is here. What started off with humble beginnings is slowly becoming a monster where we try and encourage fun in cosplay as well as craftsmanship, diversity and acceptance.

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