Con Review: MCM Manchester 2015

I, otherwise known as “Bossman”, travelled all the way up from FnC HQ in the south, to Manchester. Now, I was there last year and had so much fun there. And this year is no different.

The number of people who attended seemed more then last year. The queue system, seem to have worked, all the people seemed to have go in ok.

I will always say I am the small unknown photography who runs a fun and silly blog, but was great to see so many familiar faces, and that cosplayers remember or recognise the blog name.

It was great to see so many cosplayers whom I don’t get to see as often and not having a schedule, I even had time to look around the place. Although I failed as I didn’t end up buying a tee shirt there.

Check out the vlog to see all the cosplayer I met and all the fun I had.


I would also want to thank those who appeared in the vlog.

Iron Manda Cosplayer and Gamer
Hull-Harley Quinn
King of the North Cosplays
Genki Gear
Tattooed Deviant Cosplay
Ms Luna Cosplayer
Two Geeky Guys

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