Cosplayer of the Week: Ekko Cosplay

Ekko Cosplay is a good friend of Food and Cosplay who has been cosplaying for little over a year. In that year her costumes have gone from good to f**king good! I am always in awe of what she does next and how fast she has progressed from costume to costume so it’s with a great pleasure that we were able to feature her as Cosplayer of the Week this week!

Age: 20

Location/Nationality: Cambridge/British

What is your favourite type of food? 

Quesadillas (or anything with cheese, I’m pretty sure I have a cheese addiction)

What inspires you to cosplay?

I can’t help but love the fact that with cosplay you can be 100 different people. Sure, you’re still yourself, but you get to escape to another world and be someone else for a short burst of time and that’s super refreshing. Sometimes real life is not good, and cosplay is this whole other thing that’s away from that, sure it’s a distraction but in the best way. It’s just complete creative freedom and having that is a really good outlet.

Photo by Robert John Parker - Photography
Photo by Robert John Parker – Photography

What has been your best experience in cosplay?

My best experience with cosplay has got to be the first time I wore a costume to a con. With a friend we did Anna and Elsa from Frozen and it was just so amazing to have kids so excited to see you. There was this one little girl who tailed us all day long, we’d go get lunch, and she’d find us again! It’s also always a super boost when you get to walk around feeling like a princess.

You have entered competitions/been on stage a few times, what would be your advice to those who are considering doing the same?

When it comes to being on stage, I guess the best piece of advice I can give people is to try and ignore all the people telling you “it’s okay to be nervous”. I hate hearing that, it makes me more nervous, let me deal with my nerves! Also, not to sweat it, if it’s not fun, or it’s making you more angsty than excited, then it’s not worth it.

Photo by In2thereview
Photo by In2thereview

You have made a lot of costumes, which one was the most challenging to do? Why?

Most challenging is a difficult one. Astrid drove me crazy because faux fur is not my friend, my machine hated it, I hated it. It was hell. Also all the pleather and casting, and making a top out of a rug. Yeap, Astrid has definitely been the most difficult one so far. That being said, I’ve agreed to make Hawkeye’s Age of Ultron costume for the end of the year and I think that might overtake Astrid.

Which costume has been the most fun to wear?

Most fun to wear has got to be the USO dress. Captain America is my favourite Avenger, and getting to do something to with that AND feel cutesy was just perfect. It also helped that other people seemed to really like the costume too, because when other people compliment you and the costume it really makes it feel worth it. Not that cosplay should ever rely on other peoples opinions, but it is nice to have things appreciated. It’s a confidence boost!

Photo by Ian B Photography
Photo by Ian B Photography

If you could cosplay anything (money and skills being no object) what would you cosplay and why?

If I could cosplay absolutely anything, it would have to be Captain Marvel. I know it’s not a super “out-there” cosplay and it’s probably quite easy in comparison to other people’s dream costumes but it’s just something I would really love to do properly. And right now my skill isn’t quite up to doing that so I hope one day, skill and money will be in my favour for this costume!

What advice would you give to other cosplayers?

For other cosplayers, I guess what I have to say is make sure you’re doing it for you. I think some people lose their way a bit with cosplay, but the priority should always be doing what you enjoy and love. And to try and stop comparing yourself to others, this is something I did from the beginning and it really knocked me at first. I kept thinking “why aren’t I as good as so and so???” and it’s such a toxic way of thinking, I’ve only been at this 10 months, it’s not right to be thinking you should be up there with people who have been cosplaying for years. Give yourself a break!

If there is one shop you could recommend for cosplay supplies, what would it be?

One shop for cosplay supplies is a tough one, the obvious ones for bits and bobs like craft stores are all great really, I don’t know that I have anywhere special to recommend! Can I recommend eBay? eBay is great. I’ve recently really gotten in to wig styling and I highly recommend WiWigs and WigisFashion to anyone looking for really nice wigs, both lacefront and standard!

Photo by Carlos Adama Geek Photography
Photo by Carlos Adama Geek Photography
Photo by Eddie of Food and Cosplay, Harry cosplayed by Beyond Believing Cosplay
Photo by Eddie of Food and Cosplay, Harry cosplayed by Beyond Believing Cosplay
Photo by Anna of Food and Cosplay
Photo by Anna of Food and Cosplay
Photo by Eddie of Food and Cosplay
Photo by Eddie of Food and Cosplay




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