Cosplayer of the Week: Popette Cosplay

This week for our Cosplayer of the Week we feature Popette Cosplay, whose costumes are breathtaking. She’s been popping up on the UK scene having reached the final round of the London Super Comic Con cosplay competition twice now, each time creating fantastic and entertaining skits. We had a quick chat with her about her cosplay.


Paris / France.

What is your favourite food/Meal? 

Huuum, I love chocolate more than anything but I do have a soft spot for pastas and lemon cakes.

Photo by Antony Gomes Photography
Photo by Antony Gomes Photography

You have mentioned that you love food, if you had to eat only one type of food for the rest of your life what would you eat?

Why? CHOCOLATE because it’s what make your brain work!

What inspires you to cosplay?

Everything! A beautiful costume makes me want to sew, the pleasure of being on stage makes me want to compete, the good memories with my friends makes me want to cosplay again and again, characters I love makes me want to be them!

What has been your best experience in cosplay?

Not once as I have been cosplaying since 2000 but every time I am building good memories with friend is what makes good experiences in cosplay !

Photo from Cool ADN
Photo from Cool ADN

You have competed in a few competitions, how do you plan what you will cosplay in a competition?

First I take note on what the competition allows then I choose from the list of costumes I want to make.

What advice would you give to other cosplayers?

Have Fun ! Do not listen to bad comments about you and your friends, do not let negative things touch you, just have fun and be passionate !!!

What has been the most interesting/difficult technique you have used so far?

I love to do everything except styling wigs.

Photo by Damien Borel
Photo by Damien Borel

If there is one shop you could recommend for cosplay supplies, what would it be?

Arda Wigs are very good quality and fast shipping and the Marche Saint Pierre in Paris for fabrics !

And last of all, will you be back in 2016 to compete again in the LSCC competition?

YES ! Cosplaying in London is a very good experience as UK cosplayers are very nice. I will most definitely be back.

Photo by Nakana Focus
Photo by Nakana Focus
Photo by Valentin Offner - Photographe
Photo by Valentin Offner – Photographe
Photo by N8e
Photo by N8e
Photo by Florian Fromentin
Photo by Florian Fromentin




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