Cosplayer of the Week: Leobane Cosplay

Quite often we feature good looking female cosplayers, well this time we feature this rather good looking male cosplayer. I can tell you that the girls (by that I mean me) had a great time putting this feature together about the talented Leobane Cosplay, who took the time out to give us an insight into his brilliant costumes and how he keeps himself in such amazing shape!


Location/Nationality Toulouse from FRANCE

What’s your favourite meal ?

My favourite meal? Ahah, hard question for myself because I have a rare disease named Ménière’s disease and all the specialist doctors tell me there is nothing to do, I have to live like that. My disease has a mixture of problems like deafness, tinnitus, vertigo repeated but no damage with my inner ear, and nobody know what is the origin of this disease.

I choose to read a lot of studies directly from the Lancet or the British Medical Journal and many more to find out if there is an idea of where I got this disease. I filtered, by myself, the studies about conflict from the food and pharmaceutical areas and I read about gluten’s and milk’s problems, then I tried and like magic my Ménière’s disease disappeared.

Now I have an paleo dietary habit. No gluten, no milk, no salt, no sugar, a lot of vegetables and fruits and I have never been in such a good health and in good shape (because with this dietary habit I have improved all my sport capacities).

I can tell you that I really love a good salmon and lemon juice, a bit of walnut oil and some rice.

Photo by R M Photography, Danerys by Nikita Cosplay
Photo by R M Photography, Danerys by Nikita Cosplay

What inspires you to cosplay

What inspires me is the charisma of the characters and for describes it I’d like to talk in more detail about my nickname.

My nickname is Leobane, this is a mix between Leonidas and Bane, I did these two characters in cosplay but this is because I identify myself to them firstly!

In the side of Spartan, there is the continuous training and being strong all the time, there is the desire to be excellence, there is an ethos of self-sacrifice and great commitment and they are two qualities for a soldier, never give up! For Bane, he always wants to pass over his limits, with strength and also knowledge, as he said: his intelligence will be his strength! Bane, this is the desire to always get more, continuous improvement.

This desire for continuous improvement, to go beyond its limits, dedication and the desire of excellence, we can see these kind of adjective with some characters you necessarily know. For example, when we see Kratos there are no doubt about that.

But the moment my characters were suggested to me and when I was hooked I made them, as was for Pyramid Head who is really frightening without ever saying a word.

Photo by Kurasu
Photo by Kurasu

What has been your best experience in cosplay ?

Only one? This is impossible. I think that could be when I met Manu Bennett and some of the other characters from the series Spartacus, Manu signed the belt of my Crixus’ costume and all the actors were so nice and curious concerning this passion. Another experience is when I went with some friends to Disneyland two years ago with my friends Philippe Lauby, Jack Raiden, Leon Chiro. We were together without any costumes, it was a great time that I can’t forget. There are a lot of other moments with these friends out of cosplay cons and I’m always so happy!

Because of cosplay, I know them and this is my best experience!

You are pretty fit, what sort of training to you do to stay in shape for cosplay ?

I do a lot of training but the most important thing is nutrition! That could make my friends laugh because all time, everyday I speak about diet and how much this is important for the results.

After the diet it is the time and dedication, I have gone three years without one month without training.

After these two points, the sport training program, I train myself at home. What I do is a majority of exercises with my own weight like pump, push up, dips, tractions, I used a body vest of 20kg and I add 10kg or more during my series (+50kg on my back during pump or dips by moment). Generally this is a lot of series with limited rest like 30s between two series or two exercises. Of course I used additional weights and I really like to squat with an heavy bar on my back and I love the dead-lift exercise!

Photo by Warped Galerie
Photo by Warped Galerie

There is a problem with girls getting harassed at cons, has this ever happened to you when you wear your more revealing costumes?

It is always funny, I did not expect that this kind of thing could happen to me and it’s always strange, I do nothing else except to create my costumes the best I can and throw all myself into roleplay during conventions. I think the costume that has most success with girls is Hercules. With this one I can feel that this is really for the costume because of the Disney Hercules and maybe their love with this character.

Of course there is Leonidas or Khal Drogo that makes girls become crazy but this is more because of the testosterone that comes with these characters! My Pyramid Head has always a good success also but most with those who are fan of creepy movies or video-games, nobody can see my head inside the pyramid and I measure three meters. With this costume, I really love to follow the frightened people ahah.

What advice would you give to other cosplayers ?

Keep your previous life intact! Some people do become crazy, really crazy! Some become haughty and arrogant and I only have to say no, really no. Please take in consideration that cosplay is fun, this is a passion and you have to spend a lot of fun time full of laughter with everybody, don’t be serious please.

Concerning the creation of your costume, I think that you always have to keep your motivation, without motivation you can be overwhelmed by the work to be carried. If you want to do biggest armour, I think that the better plan is directly to attack these ones! I can ensure you that you will progress more quickly like that, keep your motivation and keep in memory that there always have a solutions for each problems, you will get it, don’t be afraid to fail.

Photo by Vlad VDK Photography
Photo by Vlad VDK Photography

What has been the most interesting/difficult technique you have used so far for cosplay ?

I try a lot of process and I don’t think I’m an expert with any but I try. I really like working with leather, providing rigidity to the leather (eg turning it into armour), dyeing leather, sewing it and so on. I have worked with leather for some of my costumes but my better work with leather, I think, is for my Crixus costume and I really like to work with it.

Concerning the most difficult process, I think that it has been for my blades of chaos of Kratos ! I worked on the master with foam, mastic, resin for two or three month then I had done a big silicone mold and two replicas of the blades with polyurethane resin and rotocasting process, after that I needed to work on the lighting and the transparent epoxy on the light then for finished the painting.

In fact, I think it that wasn’t that difficult. There were no problems, only solutions and if you work step by step everything will be ok.

Makeup - Wesley Hilton - Makeup, Photographer - Chris Spaceblue
Makeup – Wesley Hilton – Makeup, Photographer – Chris Spaceblue
Photo by Marc. D. Chambre-noire
Photo by Marc. D. Chambre-noire
Photo by Warped Galarie
Photo by Warped Galarie
Photo by Sébastien Gourgouras Photographie
Photo by Sébastien Gourgouras Photographie

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