Vlog : Nomes cosplay and Ironwig

Nomes Cosplay has always been a good friend of mine and was the one who introduced me to Cosplay and has been an enabler ever since. Since we first met at my first MCM I have watched her go from a newbie cosplayer to a master of what we have started calling wig-bending. She started off with wigs from Final Fantasy and is now part of the Arda Iron Wig challenge.

What is Ironwig?

The Iron Wig challenge is an insane cosplay challenge where cosplayers have their wig styling abilities tested to the extreme. The challenge is run by the American cosplay wig company Arda Wigs and is open to cosplayers from all over the world.

The challenge has several rounds and each round has a different theme or challenge set by Arda. The challenges can be anything from a simple “make something from what you’re given” to having to create animals out of the wig, a character wig or using rubbish in your wig (yes, a challenge last year was to use recycling).

I haven’t been following Iron Wig the way that Nomes has until this year and I have to say, the skills of the contestants has put me in awe as I really suck at hair styling. If you want to see some awesome wig skills then pop over to the Arda Facebook page to see what’s been going on the last few months with the challenge but here are a few examples of the wigs that have been produced this year.




All images used with permission from Arda Wigs


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